Ultimate X-Men Nailed Wolverine's Origin Better Than Any Other Story

Ultimate X-men Nailed Wolverine's Origin Better Than Any Other Story

In the seventh Ultimate X-Men comic, readers are taken to a prison escape scene. Nightcrawler can be seen trying to get away from the Weapon X facility, but he doesn't make it.

After his quick recapture, he is thrown back in his cell, and that's when it becomes eerily precise that he has always been treated with incredible contempt by his captors, who try to knock him out by repeatedly kicking him in the face.

This is the magic of the Ultimate X-Men. The comic lets fans see the cruelty that goes on once mutants are held prisoners in Weapon X facilities.

To be honest, the original X-Men does a pretty good job of showing us the damage Wolverine experienced through the Weapon X weapons program. However, Ultimate X-Men does a markedly better job of it.

Ultimate X-Men did a fantastic reinvention of the original X-Men stories by turning long stories that were told over the years into short comic narratives.

This brilliant ability to compress existing story arcs into easier-to-digest comics has made it clear that Weapon X was more horrible than any of us realized. This was never that apparent in the longer version of the story, and the shorter version actually makes the story flow a lot more briskly.

In the Ultimate series, we get to see just how unimaginable the physical and psychological horrors are for the mutants that end up in the program. That's why there can be no denying that the Ultimate version of Wolverine's greatest trauma makes it more horrific than it already was in the original X-Men.

In the Weapon X program, mutants are worthless test subjects in cruel scientific experiments that include the erasure of their memories and dangerous missions.

In some cases, Weapon X does try to improve on the powers the mutants have. However, it is increasingly apparent that these creatures are being used and abused rather than getting help, as most people expect.

Wolverine underwent traumatizing torture in the Earth-616 version of Weapon X. He had adamantium implanted into his skeleton, then he was made part of a vicious kill squad.

The scientists in the Earth-1610 version of Weapon X seemed to have a particular distaste for humans. The Ultimate X-Men series makes these tortures more horrifying than ever.

In the original Weapon X program, mutants get their minds wiped clean using a machine before being trained for dangerous missions. Even if this were excusable, the joy the scientists derive from the suffering of the mutants is not. This was not so apparent in the original Weapon X.

So, Ultimate X-Men will make you truly appreciate the traumatizing horrors Wolverine had to endure while he was in the Weapon X program.