Ukraine: Vladimir Putin Thanks Special Forces In Televised Address

Ukraine: Vladimir Putin Thanks Special Forces In Televised Address

It has been four days since Russia invaded Ukraine. In his most recent public address, Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that the special forces have been heroic in their "military duty" in Ukraine.

Putin gave the televised address on 27 February, celebrated in Russia as Special Forces Day. The Russian premier praised the forces and said that their service to the people of Russia and motherland had been impeccable.

Putin's statement was also posted on the Kremlin website.

Ukraine: Vladimir Putin Thanks Special Forces In Televised Address

In his speech, he also thanked the command, the personnel of the Special Operations Forces, and the veterans for their loyalty and service to their country.

He said that the special forces had been heroic in carrying out their military duty and in their assistance of the people's republics of Donbas. Donbas is a reference to two regions in eastern Ukraine that are currently under the control of the rebels.

Before the invasion started, Russia claimed that these two areas were independent states.

After congratulating the forces, Putin also wished them luck and success as they continued to provide their faithful and honest service.

Putin ended his speech by saying that the Russian forces were "noble defenders" protecting Russia's pride.

Even though Putin thinks the Russian forces are heroes doing the right thing, the Ukrainian military has painted a less glamorous picture of these troops.

Ukrainian forces have claimed that the Russian forces have experienced the "worst number of fatalities in its existence."

According to a statement made by the Ukraine defense ministry on 25 February, over 1,000 Russians had died and not 450 soldiers as previously reported.

Ukraine's Deputy Defense Minister Hanna Malya made a statement on 27 February saying that about 4,300 Russian servicemen had died. Nevertheless, the number has not been fully confirmed.

The UK Ministry of Defense has also claimed that the Kremlin reports lower figures when documenting casualties.

Meanwhile, the Russians continue with their advance towards Ukraine's capital, Kyiv. As of 26 February, the troops were yet to get control of Ukrainian airspace. This had considerably lowered the effectiveness of the Russian Air Forces.