UFC Ring Girl Camila Oliveira Uses Conor McGregor Fight To Promote Racy Website

ufc ring girl camila oliveira uses conor mcgregor fight to promote racy website

Camila Oliveira is well-known to the UFC fans.

She was the octagon girl that lit up fans' screens ahead of Conor McGregor's comeback fight against Dustin Poirier.

This Brazilian beauty didn't miss a single opportunity to think about developing and promoting her business outside the UFC ring.

But in the end - a true entrepreneur would do anything for his business.

So, grabbing every chance could mean the world in times like these.

About Her

If you think that you've never heard about her, then it's time to meet the UFC ring girl at her best.

Oliviera is a 24-year-old girl who lives in Las Vegas.

Recently, she shared some exclusive backstage pics through her Instagram stories.

And one of them showed her with the legendary UFC announcer Bruce Buffer.

Camila was wearing a dressing gown. On the other hand, she could be seen with a facemask in some of the next stories.

Taking Chances

The comeback fight between McGregor and Poirier attracted a large number of people.

Everything went smoothly, and the estimated 1.5 million people tuned in for the event. Meanwhile, our shining star of the night took the chance to share her private website.

So, her almost 330K followers on Instagram undoubtedly felt delighted to see the news. They even got some additional updates too.

Bringing The Sexy Back

Camila wore a revealing outfit for the event.

Her sexy lingerie and knee-high boots helped her to aim for everything that she wanted to achieve.

Still, she needed the spark to embrace the clicks that could help her business grow larger.

For that matter, she made a sexy video for her followers and fans.

Sashaying provocatively in it, Camila subtly directed her followers to her site full of hidden content.

Members Only

But the thing is - only members could access the site.

There are dozens of revealing pictures there, and it could offer the fans a chance to have private chats.

The stunning model, who used to have an OnlyFans account, often promotes her website on Instagram wearing just bikinis and underwear.

Hottest News

This week, she and her colleague ring girl Red Dela Cruz worked their magic indeed.

They've sent fans' pulses racing with some steamy snaps on Fight Island.

But that's not all. Camila was also one of the few models selected to work at UFC 253 in September.

Well, good luck, girls! Hoping for a great new season.