Uber Eats Driver Facing Homelessness In Tears As He Begs People To Leave Tips

Uber Eats Driver Facing Homelessness In Tears As He Begs People To Leave Tips

At first glance, Riley Elliot is an ordinary man from Seattle who earns his money from his honest job as a delivery driver.

But as per usual - not everything is how it seems.

And, of course, it's not a wise option to judge people by those things that may seem obvious to us. Many pieces lie hidden in people's souls, and we only see what they decide to serve us.

The picture could start reflecting its true colors in an instant whenever the burden gets too heavy.


This young man is proof that nobody is immune to unfair treatment from customers. He decided to release every worry out of his mind and heart, and this is his confession.

The Sad Truth

Riley recently posted a video on his TikTok account, and it went viral in a New York minute!

In his video, Riley explained to his viewers the hardships of being a delivery driver for companies like Uber Eats and DoorDash.


Going Viral

When Riley decided to upload the video on TikTok, he had only nine followers.

He never had thought that someone would pay attention to his statement.


But on the contrary - the video was shared on Twitter by Christian St. Croix, and it accumulated more than 3.5 million views. Since then, Riley's number of followers has increased to more than 17,400.

The Speech


Riley claimed:

"Y'all I wish that people who order Uber Eats or Doordash understood what it's like to be a driver."

He described how he'd only been paid $2.50 for a delivery which took 45 minutes. The parking cost him $3, and the customer only gave him a $1.50 tip.

He continued to explain the struggles he faces:

"I gotta prove three times rent for income in two weeks and I can't. It doesn't matter that I'm working multiple jobs, that I barely sleep, that I can barely afford to feed myself. I'm about to be homeless for the third time since May and it's all because people don't tip their delivery drivers. Like, how hard is it to throw us five bucks?"


In a caption, Riley also wrote:

"I'm out here risking my life in a pandemic and no one cares."

When did we become so selfish and self-centered? Are we that ignorant about the challenges that other people have?

Finally Getting His Tips

After millions of people watched the clip, Riley received donations from all over the world. The money has allowed him and his partner to move into a new home.


In his next video, he thanked everyone for their support. He added that even his favorite soccer team - Seattle Sounders FC, donated some money.


Riley added:

"It was the greatest day of my life up until now."

Well done, Riley!

Humility Is All Around Us

When everything settled down, Riley admitted that he didn't keep all the money for himself.

He explained how he felt:

"My whole body has just been buzzing with positive energy from all of these people. I get choked up because I've been bullied my whole life and people appreciate how hard I'm trying. It means a lot."


He gave away $12,000 of the donations to others struggling to keep up with their bills.

If Riley's story succeeds in arousing empathy in each of us, then we're on the right track to restore our faith in humanity once again.