Tyler Perry Is Officially A Billionaire

Tyler Perry Is Officially A Billionaire

Renowned American actor, producer, director, and writer, Tyler Perry is achieving new milestones.

He gave the world the very famous character Madea, and although not everyone loves her, almost everyone knows her.

Tyler is the epitome of Black success, and he's been raking in cash for a long time now.

While 2020 has been a troubling year, it came with a huge silver lining for the director - he finally joined the billionaire club.


Forbes has announced that Tyler's net worth has increased enough for him to be called a billionaire.

Breakdown of Tyler Perry's Worth


Homes and toys - $40 million

Equity stake in BET+ - $60 million

Tyler Perry Studios - $280 million

Cash and investments - $300 million

Library of TV shows, movies, plays etc. - $320 million

Tyler can call himself a billionaire because he owns 100% of what he creates - a smart business decision.

Other Success

On top of being a gifted creator in the entertainment world, Tyler is also a charitable man.


He will be awarded a special Emmy in October for his charity work and efforts.

According to him, his charity comes from his late mother, Willie Maxine Perry. Tyler stated that being kind is the 'DNA of his mother' in him.

Humble Beginnings


Tyler wasn't born with a silver spoon in his mouth - he came a long way to being as successful as he is now.

The 51-year-old started writing scripts when he was working as a bill collector and selling cars.

Eventually, he was able to scrape together $12 000, which was used to rent space at an Atlanta community theater.

There, the play 'I Know I've Been Changed' was brought to life. It told the story of child abuse survivors and wasn't a very big success.


The play wasn't even bringing in enough money for Tyler to pay rent.

As a result, he lived out of his car for a while as he made changes to the production.

He designed the set himself, hung up the lights, made the programs, and even sold snacks during the play's intermission.

Tyler toured with the play for two years and finally received the acknowledgment it deserved.

Since then, he has been creating many shows and movies that tell the stories of Black families.


With 22 feature films, over 1200 TV episodes, many books, and about 24 stage plays, Tyler is determined to create entertainment that hits you right in the feels.