'Two Genders' T-Shirt Gets 12-Year-Old Boy Kicked Out Of Class

After wearing a t-shirt that read 'there are only two genders', a young boy claims he was expelled from his class. Liam Morrison recounted his experience at a televised Middleborough School Council meeting last month.

The 12-year-old shared that his father had to collect him from John T. Nichols Jr. Middle School several weeks prior after he was asked to leave his gym class.

Morrison explained that he was wearing a t-shirt with the phrase 'there are only two genders' printed on it at the time.

Teachers reportedly claimed that his t-shirt was causing discomfort to other students and was a distraction to the learning environment.

Morrison argued that by prohibiting him from wearing the t-shirt, the school was hindering his ability to exercise his First Amendment right to freedom of expression.

Furthermore, he argued against the claim that the message on his t-shirt was causing distress to other students.

"They told me that I wasn't in trouble, but I sure felt like I was," he explained.

"I was told that I would need to remove my shirt before I could return to class. When I nicely told them I didn't want to do that, they called my father."

"Thankfully, my dad, supportive of my decisions, came to pick me up."

"What did my shirt say? Five simple words, 'There are only two genders'. Nothing harmful. Nothing threatening. Just a statement I believe to be a fact," he added.

Morrison added that he never attempts to hinder other students from expressing themselves.

"I don't complain when I see Pride flags and diversity posters hung throughout the school. Do you know why? Because others have a right to their beliefs just as I do."

Moreover, Morrison affirmed that the incident had not discouraged him and had not altered his opinions regarding the topic. In fact, he asserted that it had fortified his stance and made him recognize that he was not alone in his beliefs.

"I know that I have a right to wear a shirt with those five words," he said. "Even at 12 years old, I have my own political opinions and I have a right to express those opinions. Even at school. This right is called the First Amendment to the Constitution."

"My hope in being here tonight is to bring the School Committee's attention to this issue. I hope that you will speak up for the rest of us, so we can express ourselves without being pulled out of class."

"Next time, it may not only be me. There might be more soon that decide to speak out."