Two Dead From Carbon Monoxide Poisoning After Using Car For Heat In Texas Storm

two dead from carbon monoxide poisoning after using car for heat in texas storm

A woman and a girl lost their lives to carbon monoxide poisoning as two others narrowly escaped a similar fate in hospital.

This increases the death toll caused by the winter storm that has swept throughout the country and paralyzed many public services by two.

These people were using their cars to generate some heat in their Houston home. Like many others in the area, the home was hit by a power outage following the winter storm.

These kinds of storms are rare.

Police officers and firefighters answered the call and found two adults and two kids dealing with carbon monoxide poisoning.

The department reported that a car was kept running in the attached garage. This was done to create heat inside the house since there was no power to heat the house.

While reporting about the deaths, the department also advised that cars, grills, and generators should not be used close to or inside buildings.

One Of The Worst Winter Storms In History

A deadly winter storm has affected the south and mid regions of the United States. In the process, 4 million people have been left without power in the state of Texas.

Record-low temperatures have proved to be more than the Texan electric grid can handle.

Galveston and Houston have been affected the most by the power outages.

The Houston Chronicle had to halt its print edition production after the plant lost power in the early morning hours.

Such an incident has never happened before, even when the city was affected by Hurricane Harvey back in 2017.

Abilene, which has around 170,000 residents, had to shut down its water services due to the power outages at its three water treatment plants. While trying to save on power, the Dallas skyline went dark.

So far, at least 25 people have lost their lives to weather-related deaths. Most of these deaths have happened in Texas.