Two Dead, Dozens Injured After A Pendulum Ride Snaps In Half Mid-air At Theme Park

At least two people have been killed and dozens injured in a horrifying accident at a theme park in India after a pendulum ride snapped into half mid-air.

The tragic accident happened at Kankaria Adventure Park in Ahmedabad on Sunday 14th July.

According to reports, part of the pendulum collided with its support structure, and 31 people on board were sent to the ground along with the heavy mechanism.

Shocking video footage shows the arm of the pendulum Discovery ride break as it swings in the air.

Visitors at the park can be heard screaming for help as others desperately rush towards the scene to assist the injured.

Ahmedabad’s municipal commissioner, Vijay Nehra, said that inquiry had been ordered to see what caused the horrific incident.

Nehra said:

“The AMC fire department conducted swift disaster response operations. The heads of departments of pediatrics, ortho, and surgery reported to the hospital, and the injured are being treated.”

“Police, along with a forensic team, reached the spot to find out the reasons behind the accident.”

According to News18 reports, at least two people died in the accident, while 26 sustained injuries and were rushed to the hospital.

Those who died at the accident have been identified as Mohammed Javed, 22, and Manali, 24, a police official confirmed.

The pendulum ride’s maintenance is now being probed, and an investigation has been launched to determine whether the park had a proper license to operate it.

All the victims were reported to be adults, and no children were present.

A Fire brigade spokesperson, speaking about the accident, said:

“There are 32 seats in the ride that go round. The pipe of the main shaft broke and crashed on the ground.”

“How that pipe broke is a matter of investigation by Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL).”

The pendulum ride was near maximum speed and height at the time of the accident, with 31 riders on board, according to reports.

Councilor Baddrudin Sheikh of the Indian National Congress political party blamed the governing Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), saying:

“The ruling BJP failed to ensure regular maintenance. A complaint of negligence should be registered against [the] authorities.”

The incident happened less than a month after a 19-year-old girl was killed when a rotating ride crashed to the ground in Jizzakh, a city in the ex-Soviet state of Uzbekistan.

The teenage girl was on a pendulum, similar to the one at the Ahmedabad theme park, when it snapped in half, crushing the ride’s main structure to the ground.