Twitch Streamer 'InvaderVie' Faces Backlash For Shaming Broke Viewers While Asking For Money

twitch streamer ‘invadervie’ faces backlash for shaming broke viewers while asking for money

A popular Twitch streamer faces backlash for criticizing her viewers for being 'too poor' to subscribe and support her channel. She suggested that anyone without $5 or $10 to spend is 'irresponsible.'

Life has been hard, and unemployment is at its peak for decades. And despite the struggles, there isn't much support from governments, and many people are left struggling to make it through the month.

So, it's a bad business strategy to go online and berate followers for not subscribing to your channels.

Recently, a Twitch streamer, InvaderVie, faced massive backlash on Twitter and basically everywhere else after making tone-deaf and ill-timed arguments about how people haven't been paying subscription fees to watch her channel.

While a few of her contents are free, most need exclusive access, which you can get by subscribing for $4.99 per month.

twitch streamer 'invadervie' faces backlash for shaming broke viewers while asking for money

Twitch is a streaming service that hosts people playing video games live, as well as eSports competitions.

As of early 2020, the average unique broadcasters on the platform were 3.8 million, while concurrent viewers more than 1.5 million.

Like many live streaming platforms, Twitch gives viewers various ways to support their favorite content creators. You can donate, subscribe, and even 'gift subscriptions to other users.'

But what about viewers who can't afford the subscription fee? Are streamers like InvaderVie to put out all their content for free? No way!

If you can't even afford to make a $4.99 donation, you're an absolute bum, and she's going to let you know it.

In one of her 'advertising' videos, InvaderVie claimed that everyone should afford the subscription fee and support her career.

Wild stuff, huh!

The craziest part is that you can tell she is 100 percent serious about what she's saying. She thinks it's the most reasonable argument anyone has ever made in the history of humanity.

We wonder how many viewers she actually managed to sway into making a donation after shaming them for being broke. Quite a few if you consider there are endless free content online.

Here's the General Reaction to Her Clip

One user said:

"Can we cancel @InvaderVie and finally do something about people like this getting by with everything because they look 'good'?"

"Imagine asking to receive money from the ones who support you then shaming them if they can't afford to? I'm tired of seeing shit like this monthly."

Another said:

"@InvaderVie, that's a pretty disgusting, manipulative way of thinking you have there."

"Maybe instead of shaming and judging others, you should look at yourself and see how you can improve yourself and not be the person you are right now."

twitch streamer 'invadervie' faces backlash for shaming broke viewers while asking for money

If your income depends on people liking and watching your content, it doesn't make sense to alienate people for being poor. That's irresponsible.