Twin Flame Signs: How To Recognize Your Mirror Soul

Twin Flame Signs: How To Recognize Your Mirror Soul

Forget about looking for an ultimate soul mate: what your soul craves is a twin flame. Imagine someone who compliments your very essence by simply existing. Dreamy, isn't it? That's what a mirror soul is, and today we learn how to ensure you don't miss out on yours.

What Is A Twin Flame?

A twin flame is a concept somewhat similar to the idea of finding your better half. As if one soul has been separated into two parts and placed in different bodies.


Finding that other half of yourself would mean finding an ultimate life partner, or soulmate if you will. But considering there are over seven billion people in the world, finding the one is a logistical nightmare.

Twin flame or mirror soul is far beyond being just a partner. Instead of completing us, because we are whole from the start, they challenge and inspire us to grow and become better.


They make you feel at home. Around them you always feel heard and understood. That's just what they do.

While it is possible to eventually become soul mates with a chosen person, twin flames exist on a slightly higher level. This means that you won't be able to turn someone into a mirror soul on purpose.

It also means that you might not meet your twin flame in this current lifetime. But more on that later.


By definition, twin flames exist to help us evolve. Why is that?

The Main Purpose Of A Twin Flame

We, humans, are spiritual beings. For the most part. And on this journey to enlightenment, we often require a guide.

Think about it: if you are getting ready for a long trip, would you rather take your best friend or a stranger as your companion? The same logic applies here: we seek a mirror soul to direct us spiritually on life's challenging path.


It is not exactly clear how twin flame souls came into existence. Athenian philosopher, Plato, suggested that ancient gods split double-faced, four-handed humans in two to eliminate the threat of being overpowered.

Modern psychologists take a more practical approach by explaining that we generally tend to feel more comfortable around people who share the same morals and beliefs. After all, in stressful times like these, the last thing you want from your friend or a partner is constant disagreement.


But at the same time, twin flame does not necessarily mean precise copy. Yes, you might have many similarities, but for the most part, they'll compliment you rather than complete you.

For example, if you are short-tempered, your mirror soul is very likely to be an example of calmness. This way, when things start to get heated, they'll ground you and remind you to breathe. Sometimes even without words.


The twin flame is basically there to enhance our spiritual growth by letting their soul mature alongside yours.

This process of evolving is not always easy, although it might sound like that in theory. But if you are lucky enough to meet your mirror soul, life will most likely change for the better.

Which brings us to the next question: how to know for sure when the person in front of you is your twin flame? There are some very strong signs.


Mirror Soul Makes You Feel At Home

Have you ever been away from home for a while? Do you remember that fuzzy, somewhat bittersweet feeling in your chest when you finally got back?

Well, that's what being around your twin flame feels like.

There are no such things as uncomfortable silence or awkward remarks. Your conversations flow like freshwater springs and the quiet pauses you share are as calm as mountain lakes.


We tend to wear masks around different people. At work, you are a strict professional who can sometimes let a joke slip.

With your close friends, you are hilarious and often inappropriate. And when your love interest is near, you can be charmingly flirty and soft.

Your mirror soul, however, sees right through. There is no need to pretend. Be as raw and as unedited as possible — they'll still accept.


Twin Flame Forgives Completely And Unconditionally

People fight. People who care about each other the most are likely to have far more disputes than unimportant friends and even enemies.

This is due to the fact that we are so much more vulnerable around the ones we love. And so much more is at stake.

Since your twin flame is a very important person in your life, you will definitely have fights.


But there is going to be one large difference: you will forgive your mirror soul very quickly and entirely unconditional.

That act of pure forgiveness will feel like forgiving yourself: warm, gentle, and sincere. Your twin flame will also not be able to hold grudges for too long, and you'll make up way sooner than with your soul mate, for example.

Experiencing this level of tolerance will play a significant role in the development of your soul. Not to mention, it feels so much lighter and more fulfilling than pretending to forgive.


With Mirror Soul Around, Time Doesn't Exist

Has it been five minutes or five hours? You simply won't be able to answer without checking the clock. That's just how time flows when you are with your twin flame.

Once again, you don't necessarily need to talk non-stop or do something productive. Whether it is a stroll through the park or a lazy day at the beach, you don't care about time.


This once again circles back to the fact of us feeling the most relaxed and comfortable. We don't watch the clock when we are happy.

Instead, you will be able to experience the flow of events at their more natural speed without measuring and comparing. With the assistance from your twin flame, you'll finally hit pause and take your time reflecting on simple miracles of life.

Twin Flame Balances You Out

We have already mentioned that twin flame will not complete you. We are born whole, although we are still capable of growth.


Mirror souls will often carry a set of traits that are similar to yours. It can be anything from liking the same TV shows to experiencing the same levels of impact from unprocessed trauma.

But at the same time, your twin flame will possess some characteristics you lack. And vice versa.

The ultimate goal of mirror souls is to teach each other those missing parts. For example, your twin soul is shy and quiet, while you are a confident public speaker that sometimes doesn't see the line.


While you help them expand their mental boundaries and open up, they'll show you that some things are better to remain unspoken.

As a result, both of you become slightly better versions of yourselves and see life a little differently.

The Relationship With Your Spiritual Twin Can Be Both Peaceful And Intense

You would think that someone who understands you and your mirror soul carrier is going to be always on the same page with you. Well, not really.


Soul development is an overwhelming process. It can get very emotional and challenging.

There are even going to be times when your consciousness is going to rebel against this growth. This is somewhat understandable: not everyone likes change.

Don't be afraid if not everything seems to be in place. If the connection between two flames is real, they will find a way to make it work no matter what.


Additionally, you might not even have to keep constantly growing. In some cases, twin flames are not romantically involved with each other.

How come, you ask?

Mirror Soul Is Not Necessarily Your Love Partner

If to this point, you have been unconsciously applying all the twin flame qualities to your love partner, it is not always the case.


Obviously, we would very much prefer, if someone we spend the most time with also happens to be the mirror to our soul. But what if they aren't?

Souls don't have gender, neither do they need to procreate physically. Therefore, romantic pairing is possible, but not necessary.

A mirror soul can be a friend, a life coach, and even a by-passer. And our main task is not to cling to them with every limb but to use the time together for mutual benefit, regardless of how short that time is.


On the one hand, this takes out some intensity of the soul growth process. And on the other, it teaches us to cherish the meaning and value above quantity.

So, if you feel like your significant other also happens to be your twin flame, that's great. But if the two are separated, it is also ok.

Now, you might be wondering: none of the things we are talking about here sound familiar. How do I find my mirror soul?


How To Find Your Twin Flame

It is a little illogical, but before our soul finds its twin it has to be properly ready.

Wait for a second, you'd say, but I thought twin flames exist with the purpose of helping each other learn and develop? How can you get ready for this?

Well, just like kids don't start attending school from the day they're born, our souls have to pass through several stages of growth before they are ready to grow even more.


And how do we make sure our soul is grown enough? Simple: through self-love.

Finding the balance in your mind and attending to your thoughts and desires with maximum care and attention is very important.

As we learn to respect ourselves, make the right choices, and reflect on mistakes: we slowly but surely move towards meeting the mirror soul.

And while we move along on our path, they are most likely doing the same.


Try not to fixate on the idea of meeting your mirror soul just for the sake of meeting them. Instead, focus on becoming someone whose reflection you will be glad to see.

And what if you don't ever come across a twin flame?

What If I Never Meet My Mirror Soul?

As long as you are moving towards meeting your twin flame by practicing self-love, the actual encounter is not that important.


Look at it from the perspective of learning a new skill. Let's say you take an online language course before finding a tutor that suits your schedule and budget.

Interestingly enough, the longer you spend on the search, the less you need it. Because while scrolling through hundreds of tutor profiles, you kept perfecting your skills.

So, you kind of don't need a teacher anymore.


Make a conscious decision to become better, despite finding your twin flame. This way, if they eventually come through, your experience together will be that much more interesting and fulfilling.

Mirror, Mirror Of My Soul

Finding your twin flame surely sounds nice. But having someone mirror your soul doesn't necessarily define your worth.

Keep evolving and working on what you believe to be your flaws. Figuratively speaking, keep wiping your mirror to reflect its twin properly.