Falling in Love– The force of emotion pulling you down when your feelings deepen for the other person. 

Falling in love seems to be a power of its own, containing an uncontrollable force. Some people fall in love multiple times in their life. Isn’t the real superpower then, staying in love with the same person?

In the beginning, being in love is effortless. Almost too easy to win his love at the start. The real work comes in keeping his love. 

The first few months are such a high, learning about his bad habits that you think you can overlook. You are all about figuring out each others similarities and differences. 

The high you were once on is now over. The honeymoon phase has expired and now you are left with figuring out what is next. To stay and put in the work, or abandon ship because it is all the more work than you bargained for. 

You have chosen to stay put, and become the woman he cannot afford to leave. Here are some tips to help you put that work in. 


Your pretty face got his attention, but let your smarts keep him with you. You are the female he will be able to learn from, and grow with. 


Men despise drama. Especially in their relationships. Face it ladies, there are those of us that let our feelings rule us. We get mad, and start yelling. Instead, stay calm, and take a deep breath. 


That little bit he let on about his past, do not push him for more details. He will tell you when he is ready. 

Do not run to your girlfriends or mom with that secret. Be discreet and keep your mouth shut. 

His emails and texts–stay out of them unless he gives you permission to go through them.


You will want to consistently be loving and caring. Does he actually need you to take care of him? No. He is, after all, a grown man. Grown men still want to see the effort of us taking care of them, and letting them know we are there for them if or when they need us. 


He wants and needs to trust you as much as you trust him. He needs to feel as if you will always be honest, and tell him the truth. Hide nothing. If you want him to stay do not keep secrets from him. 


Laughter is the best medicine. Make him laugh. You both will want to laugh and destress after facing life’s challenges together. Find ways to make him laugh as much as he makes you laugh. 


He isn’t the only one that should be romantic in the relationship. Your man will notice and feel a certain type of way if you make the effort to be romantic with him. Do not go overboard, turning your romantic gesture into a social media showcase. Doing so makes the gesture anything but romantic and it is no longer about him. 


He supports you in your dreams and goals, support him in his. Have his back and be a rock for him when he isn’t feeling at his 100 in his endeavors. 

This all may seem like common sense, but we all need a reminder at times. Good luck to you and your next relationship.