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Try A Unique Tipple – Cannabis-Infused Non-Alcoholic Wine!

Try A Unique Tipple – Cannabis-infused Non-alcoholic Wine!

There are lots of people who enjoy having a glass of wine after work or a drink or two with dinner. However, for those who want to relax but don't necessarily want to ingest alcohol, the options are quite limited.

There are non-alcoholic wines out there, but for some people, these don't serve any purpose as there is nothing in them to relax you. The good news is that there is now cannabis-infused non-alcoholic wine for those who want to relax without drinking alcohol.

More About Cannabis-Infused Wine

While there are lots of non-alcoholic wines on the market these days, some people who do not drink or wish to reduce their alcoholic intake don't bother with them. However, this wine still makes it possible to relax without drinking alcohol.

You can relax and chill out with a nice glass of wine, just as many of your friends probably do. However, rather than containing alcohol – and resulting in the hangovers that can come from it – this wine is infused with cannabis to help you relax.

Rebel Coast Cannabis-Infused Wine

The wine in question is Rebel Coast Cannabis-Infused Wine, or more specifically, Sauvignon Blanc. Rebel Coast has become known for its wines over the past few years, offering both red and white wine variations.

With this cannabis wine, the manufacturer is eager to cater to those who prefer to relax with weed rather than drinking alcohol to help them unwind. The wine itself contains less than 0.5 percent ABV (alcohol by volume), but it also contains 20mg of THC.

Replacing the alcohol with cannabis means that people who drink this wine can still enjoy the chance to kick back and relax, just like regular wine drinkers do. However, with your Rebel Coast wine, it will be the THC that does all the hard work in helping you to relax rather than the alcohol.

So, are you likely to be as high as a kite when you drink this wine? Well, according to figures, the total cannabis or THC volume in the bottle means that you will get around 5mg of THC in each glass of wine you have, which is sufficient to give you a pleasant buzz.

Of course, the effects of this wine will depend on how much of it you drink, as is the case with alcoholic wine. If you simply want to relax with a glass of this wine, you can look forward to feeling more relaxed and less tense. If you slug back a couple of bottles in rapid succession, the impact will be quite different.

Low in Calories

Another plus point of this cannabis-infused alcohol-free wine is that it is ideal for those worried about their calorie intake. As many people know, some types of alcoholic drinks contain a lot of calories, which is why you have to be mindful of what you drink when dieting.

Regular alcoholic wine is not hugely high in calories, as it contains around 150 per glass, and this is down to the alcohol in the wine. The good news is that, since this cannabis-infused wine contains no alcohol, it contains only 35 calories in each glass!

A New Way to Enjoy Wine

There is no doubt that cannabis-infused alcohol-free wine is the new way for many to enjoy a glass of vino when relaxing in the evening. Those who want to enjoy relaxation without alcohol could very well become their drink of choice.