Truths And Secrets About Terrifying Hauntings

Truths And Secrets About Terrifying Hauntings

If you're familiar with the TV show ghost hunters, you'd have heard them saying, "We only speak with positive entities" or "We do not invite negative entities here." This shows their belief in the existence of evil spirits, similarly to bad people in the world.

The term "negative haunting" is not a strange phrase, but it's good to know how you can avoid bringing negative forces to yourself. What is the solution if you perceive there are evil spirits in your home?

Evidence of malicious spirits

You might have personally escaped malicious spirit or might only hear about some terrifying ghost stories. Whatever your experience may be, read the account of major and personal scary spiritual confrontations below:

1. A woman reports her family's encounter with a dark figure that doesn't allow her family to sleep at night. Her husband states that there was a night he couldn't sleep because someone shakes him continuously. Likewise, her children sleep with the light on because of the man in black.

2. The widespread negative energy in the Amityville house is categorized as one of the most well-known homes haunted in America. The murder of six people in this house shows it's not surprising that malicious entities might be present in the house. Also, news of strange smells, slamming doors, and sometimes, the appearance of a demon-pig-creature.

3. An account from a gifted individual said when they were younger, they heard a variety of entities walking the halls of their house. The malicious entities caused horrible nightmares and also filled the rooms with dreadful feelings.

4. 1865 built Franklin Castle is said to be the most haunted house in Ohio. It records the death of a mistress and several children. Different paranormal activity includes the news of disembodied voices of crying children and doors flying off hinges.

Out with the bad, and in with the good

What are the things to avoid if you don't want to attract negative energies or spirits?

Some people say you can invite negative entities into your house by using an Ouija board or performing black magic. Ouija is a controversial game, not sure if it works or not. You can decide to play the game or not, but if the stories of malicious spirits are real, be careful not to communicate with creepy things or bring in the unknown.

Some people also believe that you might be at a higher risk of bringing in malicious entities if you're stressed out or tend to have more intense emotions. Ensure you get the necessary help you need to work on your emotions to promote positive vibes. That includes talking with your doctor about your mental health, practicing meditation, having a friend or confidante.

If you're a believer who looks forward to buying a new house and you don't want to get haunted, research its history to be sure there were no violent deaths in the house. There's no way you can know such history unless you dig.

Some common spirit cleanses

Do you think you're being haunted? You can potentially cleanse your environment with sea salt water when you mop or by spritzing it with a spray bottle. It is believed that the ionization of seawater during evaporation lifts mood, while your positive energy alone can change the tenor of your home.

Cleanse your house when you can because a clean home is a positive home. Free your house from clutters and wash your clothes regularly. You can also bring in good feelings from light-hearted and energetic music. If you feel negative, consider opening the windows to let out negative energy while positive energy comes in. Symbolically, burning sage or candles can also attract positive energy.

People have convincing stories of negative entities out there. Spiritually, malicious energies might attract negativity, whether dark magic or dirty socks. Endeavor keeps a positive mindset and a happy home, and you're less at risk of being haunted. If you perceive darkness around your home, start with self-care and that of your feelings too.

In case you're sure that your home is haunted and need to contact a professional for help, start with your local paranormal investigation groups. Most universities have ghost hunt clubs or actual researchers too. Keep your vibe high and the positivity flowing.