Trump Sneaks Back On Twitter By Disguising Self As PR Rep For Chinese Communist Party

trump sneaks back on twitter by disguising self as pr rep for chinese communist party

Is it April's Fools Day? President Donald Trump's Twitter was suspended forever. But he was never the one to walk away from the challenge or give up easily.

He outsmarted the Twitter community by pretending to be Chongald Trump, a PR specialist for the Chinese Communist Party.

Luckily, his master plan didn't last long. The Twitter investigators earned their hefty paychecks, and the social network was Trump-free once again.

Trump's making Twitter great again

Donald, soon to be ex-president Trump, reportedly tried to build a following by tweeting everything nice about the Chinese government. He was very excited about explaining how Uighur concentration camps are excellent.

Once he had enough followers, he would ditch the rice and all the nice things he said and get back to his usual self. Extra orange spray tan and all jazz.

Why China? Because no one would believe that Trump would praise China. Secondly, he must've recognized that there's something rather amusing when you can run a country and no one dares to question your methods.

He tried and failed. But not before he tweeted:

"Hello, good sirs, I am here today to tell you how great our concentration camps are! Very clean and humane!"

The tweet was not flagged because it didn't break any of the Twitter rules. This raises a whole bunch of questions regarding social media. Like, why can't Trump keep trumping when you have the official Chinese embassy in the US tweeting just the other day how the Uighur concentration camps are "feminist"?

There's nothing clean or humane in the way politics works. If you want to hear some "dirty talk," just turn on any news channel. Those are full of something.

Maybe next time Trump should return as a celebrity, someone without a Twitter account. Oh, that's right, that was him just a few short years ago!