True Love Or Infatuation- Understanding The Difference

True Love Or Infatuation- Understanding The Difference

Maybe you, too, have heard people say when you meet the right person, you know almost immediately. While many people believe that, they may be making a very big mistake.

It is possible that they are having a hard time differentiating true love from infatuation.

Does this remind you of anything that has happened to you? Have you ever felt a special type of connection with someone within a very short time? It could be something about the way they talk, their dress sense, or their intelligence.

How should you interpret that kind of connection?

There is a big difference between true love and infatuation. Many have made wrong decisions in their lives because they confuse these two concepts with each other. First of all, what exactly is infatuation?

It Could Be Infatuation

True Love Or Infatuation- Understanding The Difference

Infatuation is the physical attraction you feel toward someone you just met. This attraction forms a special type of connection between you two. It is mainly based on things that are easily noticed about that person.

One of the things that make a very good first impression on others is how you dress. It could also be how you carry yourself when you walk. For others, it could be your demeanor, your taste in luxury, wealth, or even something as simple as your smile.

When you feel drawn to someone as a result of any of these reasons, and you can't seem to stop thinking about them, be careful as it may be infatuation. You easily feel that because they look great, their personality will also be great.

Infatuation is dangerous because, in most cases, you don't have to think before making decisions. Ask yourself what other things you know about that person other than the reason(s) you are attracted to them. The answer is mostly not much else.

You are never concerned about what flaws they have or what mistakes they often make. You're head over heels about the newfound connection that every other thing makes no sense to you.

For those who confuse these two concepts (infatuation and love) with each other, they say 'love is blind.' The dates, romance, and even proposal all happens so fast.

But in reality, you are attracted to fantasy and not to the 'person.' You start fantasizing about what your future would look like together without having enough information about them. In a way, we can conclude that infatuation is based on what you FEEL alone.

Understanding True Love

True Love Or Infatuation- Understanding The Difference

True love, on the other hand, is not based on what you FEEL, but on what you KNOW about the other person. In contrast to being a fantasy, true love is all about realities. True love doesn't happen so fast; it takes time in most cases.

When you are in a relationship where you are not comfortable revealing your true nature, it may not be based on love. With true love, however, you are not shy of narrating your most awkward moments as well as flaws. Your partner reciprocates, too, by not hiding who they really are.

You don't just feel that their personality is great, but you know for real what their personality is like. Unlike infatuation, you are not scared of making a mistake in the relationship.

True love goes beyond the physical things; the very essence of the person becomes the focal point.

If you are in a relationship that, after knowing everything about you, they still want to be with you, congratulations as it could be true love. Some of the things they know maybe from your past, your mistakes, your qualities, your family, and so on.

This kind of love is like a fine wine- it tastes better with time. Even if the beauty fades, even when the economy is bad, the 'person' never changes. Since the person never changes, so does the love they share.

With infatuation, as soon as the reason for the attraction is no more, the feelings die off.

There is nothing wrong with being attracted to someone. But be careful. There is more to a person than what appears to the eye. Strive to know the person before committing your heart.

Differentiating Between True Love And Infatuation

True Love Or Infatuation- Understanding The Difference

I'm sure you are already examining your relationship. But, the following points will help you know if it is true love.

Physical romance does not start immediately. It can take some time, perhaps months. When you are involved with someone, and they are so eager to start touching you inappropriately every chance they get, that should be your first sign of caution.

Someone who truly loves you will be interested in you more than they are in your body.

They are more interested in your personality and the qualities that define you. Here is something you can do: ask that person you are attracted to what makes you attractive to them. Their reply will reveal if they are attracted to your personality or if they are attracted to your physical features.

Someone who truly loves you will be more interested in your happiness than their happiness. They feel pain when you are not feeling good and will do all in their power to make you feel better.

They don't flare up easily. When you make mistakes, they get angry but don't stay angry. They look beyond your mistakes and want to help you become a better person.

Someone who truly loves you is generous, not just with his money but also with his time. They enjoy spending time with you without attempting to take advantage of you.

Sexual urges are controlled. It is also reflected in the conversations they have with you. The more sexual matters occur in their conversations, be careful as it may not be true love.

Infatuation does not last long, but true love can last a lifetime. The choice is yours!