True Friends

True Friends

There are 6 signs that show you who your true friends are and who are just around for their own benefit.

During the span of your life, you meet a great many people. Some of them are fleeting encounters that you won't even remember after a week.

Others stick around a bit longer. And few of them are there to make your life better and support you. These are your true friends.

Sifting through the people who are around you to find your true friends with whom you 'vibe' can be difficult. In fact, it can take a whole lifetime.

It is about more than sharing the same 'wave-length' with someone. It is about developing real and deep bonds. There are some traits that you will always find in true friends. Let's take a look at them.

They Are With You No Matter What

This is one of the first signs that you've found yourself a true and loyal friend. They take 'through thick and thin' very seriously and will stand by your side at all times.

Life isn't always smooth sailing but with friends like these, you can get through anything.

True friends will cry with you, pick you up, hold you when you're weak, and laugh with you when things are better. They will grow with you and enhance the quality of your life.

A true friend will never abandon you to take care of yourself. They will stick around, even if they don't know how to help you.

They Accept The Person You Really Are

Unlike society, true friends do not expect you to act and look a certain way before accepting you. Sure, they can see your flaws and mistakes, but that doesn't make them care for you any less.

They accept you for you.

Finding a friend that doesn't want you to change or doesn't take advantage of your faults is truly amazing. When you find such a friend, you should be loyal and true in return.

Don't take them for granted and always show them how much you appreciate them.

They Will Always, Always Support You

When you have a true friend, you will know that you will always have someone to count on. They will provide support whenever you need it and however you need it.

They won't ask for anything in return either. Make sure that you don't abuse such true kindness and care.

There are times when standing on your own is almost impossible. It is then that you will realize the value of a real and true friend.

They Always Have Time For You

No matter how busy this kind of friend is, he or she will always be able to make time for you.

They will come to your aid or rescue no matter what it takes. Just make sure that you don't misuse this very deep kindness.

They Make You Feel Comfortable

This kind of friend will be able to make you feel comfortable around them without even trying too hard.

No matter what kind of quirks you have, they don't mind and they don't make you feel weird for being strange sometimes.

They also respect you and you will feel deep inside your heart that this friend is the truest you'll ever find.

They Are Always Honest With You

There is one thing that a fake friend will not do, and that is to be honest with you. True friends will tell you things straight and without beating around the bush.

Even when you don't want to hear the truth, they will be honest with you if you need to hear something.