Truck Driver's Sentence Reduced From 110 Years To 10 By Colorado Governor In Fatal Crash

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The Colorado governor reduced a truck driver's sentence by 100 years. The Colorado governor thinks that his crime was nothing more than a "tragic but unintentional act."

Rogel Aguilera-Mederos caused the accident in April of 2019, and four people died. At the time, the truck driver was 26 years old.

He later explained that the accident happened because the brakes on his truck failed as he was driving on Interstate 70. However, according to the prosecutors, Aguilera-Mederos was driving recklessly.

As far as the prosecution was concerned, the driver made many poor decisions before the accident eventually happened.

Colorado governor, Jared Polis, reduced the sentence after arguing that it was unsuitable for the offense the truck driver committed, which was unintentional despite being incredibly tragic.

In the letter, the governor explained that although the driver was not blameless, the sentence he received was unusually harsh compared to sentences other inmates were serving for intentional, premeditated, and violent crimes.

The governor also insisted that although a relative of the driver works at his office, the relative had not swayed his decision to commute the truck driver's sentence in any way.

According to the governor, this sentencing situation shows a lack of uniformity in the way sentences are handed out. He also noted that the tragedy affected many Colorado residents.

Although he took note of the fact that what had happened had caused "immense pain," the governor admitted to having been encouraged by the driver's self-reflection and the changes in commercial vehicle safety standards that were introduced after the devastating tragedy.

The changes were introduced to ensure that such a tragedy does not happen a second time.

When the accident happened, Aguilera-Mederos was driving a truck with a trailer full of lumber.

He traveled at about 85 mph in an area with a 45 mph speed limit for commercial vehicles. Under these circumstances, a series of events happened, resulting in a crash that killed four people.

Additionally, 28 other vehicles were involved in the accident.

The four people who perished during the accident were Doyle Harrison (61), William Bailey (67), Stanley Politano (69), and Miguel Lamas Arrellano (24).

The date for resentencing is January 13, and prosecutors are working to reduce the amount of time he will have to spend behind bars. However, Alexis King, the First Judicial District Attorney, revealed that they were working to have the sentence reduced to about 20 to 30 years down from 110 years.

The prosecutors said they would have to take all the required steps on behalf of the court to ensure an appropriate balance is achieved when handing out a new sentence.

During the first sentence, the judge revealed that the law required to give Aguilera-Mederos consecutive sentences, which is why the years added up as they did. Judge A. Bruce Jones also admitted that if the law permitted him, he would have the sentences run consecutively.

After the ruling, which meant that Aguilera-Mederos would have to spend over a century behind bars, public outrage resulted in a petition to commute his sentence. The petition managed to get over 5 million signatures.