Trophy Hunter Who Kills Endangered Elephants And Lions "Eaten By Crocodiles"

Trophy Hunter Who Kills Endangered Elephants And Lions "eaten By Crocodiles"

Poaching is a growing problem as hunters sneak into animal sanctuaries and reserves searching for prey. The reasons for hunting are numerous. Some hunt for ivory, while others are so-called "trophy hunters." That's why people have less sympathy when one of the poachers gets killed by his prey.

Animals can bite back, so the case of the poacher eaten by crocodiles in Zimbabwe is still one of the most talked-about stories. Some call it karma, but you get to draw your conclusions.

Scott Van Zyl's Dissaperence

While hunting for rhinos, Scott Van Zyl vanished. After his dogs returned to camp without him, the search was on.

Rescue teams, helicopters, divers, and trackers were trying to find Zyl in April 2017. The trackers found traces of the professional hunter on the river's bank. The possible human remains were found in two crocodiles after they were shot to find the hunter.

The forensic scientist said that "subsequent DNA tests have proved the remains to be those of Mr. Van Zyl."

Van Zyl left behind a wife, and children and hunted elephants, the blue duiker, buffalo, rhino, lions, leopards, and antelopes.

More Cases Of Animals Fighting Back

Hunting endangered species, whether for sports or money, is quite infuriating. While human life is priceless, poachers willingly put themselves in danger and hurt innocent creatures, so a lack of sympathy is expected.

The Sibuya Game Reserve in South Africa became a gruesome crime scene in 2019. A group of poachers snuck into the animal sanctuary, hoping to poach endangered rhinos.

They met their maker when the hungry group of lions ate them alive.

In the past few years, we heard of numerous similar incidents. Rhinos and tigers were responsible for attacking hunters. Elephants have become more aggressive towards tourists, while lions are now hunting poachers while they are sleeping in their camps.

It is almost like nature is trying to send us a message.

"Trophy Hunting" And Poaching

Though both terms mean that an innocent animal will die, poaching is illegal. Trophy hunting requires a license or permit containing regulations that hunters must abide by for certain animals.

The government regulates trophy hunting. Some countries have hunting seasons, while certain animals are always off-limits.

However, the only solution is to educate yourself and those around you and end poaching.

Support Anti-Poaching Agencies

Whether you donate money, your time, or merely read why ending poaching is essential, you are doing the right thing.

Endangered and important species are part of the ecosystem. If you want to be part of the solution, you can contact one of the numerous organizations aiming to end poaching.

Some of them are:

International Anti-Poaching Foundation

Wildlife Conservation Society

Community Markets for Conservation

But, there are many others, and, as you can see, ending poaching will also save human lives.