Trix Cereal's Fruit-Shaped Pieces From The '90s Are Making A Glorious Comeback

Trix Cereal's Fruit-Shaped Pieces From The '90s Are Making A Glorious Comeback

Do you still remember the fruit-shaped Trix cereals that we loved before? Guess what? Trix is going to bring back the fruit-shaped pieces that it was known for especially in the 90s. You read that right! According to the press release, in the fall of 2018, General Mills "Classic Trix Fruity Shapes" will be available in grocery stores.

On October 1st, General Mills announced that Trix's fruit-shaped pieces will be making a comeback because of the overwhelming demand of its consumers. The director of marketing for General Mills cereal, Scott Baldwin, said that a lot of fans loved them and wanted to see the fruit-shapes back in their bowls. It was their first fruit-flavored cereal that was fun and colorful. He also added "we're excited to continue that legacy." to bring an extra dose of joy in our bowls for breakfast!

Trix debuted in 1954 but it only came in three flavors and colors – orange, raspberry, and lemon, and they're all round. Trix added "Grapity purple " in 1984 and "Lime Green" in 1991. Their shapes, however, were still round until sometime in 1991.

General Mills made the biggest change throughout the almost 40-year history when the fruit-shaped Trix pieces were introduced. In a Trix commercial, these pieces were referred to as green limes, orangey slices, grape bunches, raspberry red clusters, and lemony curls.

Other flavors were added after a few years – wildberry blue in 1996, watermelon in 1998, and berry blue in 2007 replacing wildberry blue.
Trix remained the fruit shapes for 15 years until General Mills decided to revert the shapes to round, and nobody really knows why. It'll be easy to assume that round shapes are easy to make compared to the fruit shapes.

Ever since then, people have been requesting for the fruit shapes to come back. I'm pretty sure you're one of those people too. You can count me in, too! I can't remember how many times I wished for the fruit-shaped Trix to return. General Mills announced that there were about 20,000 people to request the comeback of fruit-shaped Trix just in a span of 2 years. I'm just glad I wasn't the only one who loved the iconic shapes!

Guess what? That's not where it ends. General Mills also made some big changes with the colors. Over the past few years, there have been modifications to the colors, too. As a matter of fact, General Mills decided to remove all artificial colors and flavors in 2015 and cited the growing demand for "simpler food," just like a lot of other food companies did. While other cereals like Reese's Puff was not affected because the cereals are brown anyway, Trix was greatly affected. Because it was hard to produce green and blue colors from natural dyes and juice extracts, blue and green Trix pieces were eventually removed. In 2017, General Mills brought back the artificial dyes and named it "Classic Trix" and sold both the natural ones and the ones with artificial dyes.

After General Mills announced the return of Trix with its iconic fruit shapes, I'm still unsure when it will make its first appearance, though. According to the press releases, it will be by Fall 2018 but it's already October, so I guess we'll just have to continue to wait. What do you think about its comeback? Are you as excited as I am?