Trick Oreo Treat At Baskin Robbins Is Back As The October Flavor Of The Month

Trick Oreo Treat At Baskin Robbins Is Back As The October Flavor Of The Month

Oreo Cookies N' Cream is one of the standard favorites at Baskin Robbins ice cream stores throughout the country. During the month of October, this favorite gets a twist for Halloween. Once again, the chain has announced that this spooky flavor will return this year.

Besides using Oreos that are filled with orange crème, there are a few other changes that Baskin Robbins makes to the recipe. The orange gives it a Halloween look, but they also try to add some fall flavor. It also has Baby Ruth and Butterfinger candy bar pieces blended in. They are both fan favorites when kids go trick or treating each and every year.

The Baby Ruth has peanuts and caramel that add a sweet and salty taste to the ice cream. The Oreos already give it a crunch, but the peanuts can add even more texture to the treat. The other candy bar, Butterfinger, is a chocolate-covered peanut butter crisp. Once again, there is a salty flavor that is added by the peanut butter, which really contrasts with the sweet. Overall, the treat is a huge contrast between sweet, salty, smooth, and crunchy. The flavor bursts into the mouth as your teeth dig in.

Cookies N' Cream is a flavor that was invented around 1978. Blue Bell Creamery claims to have invented it at that time. However, there is another person who stakes their claim as the inventor. John Harrison was once an ice cream tester for the Dreyer's brand, and he alleges that he came up with the idea in 1980 and had never seen it before. Most likely, that fact doesn't matter to people. They're just thankful the flavor was invented.

While the emergence of a flavor of ice cream with Oreos in it has a little bit of controversy behind it, it has been a mainstay for many years and will continue to be in the future. The treat is always available at Baskin Robbins, but it usually isn't as good as right now during the month of October. The extra flavor and color make the Trick Oreo Treat an excellent option for this time of year.

When the kids are out trick or treating, this ice cream is the perfect treat for the adults that have to stay behind. Halloween is not just a holiday for the kids. You should be able to treat yourself as well.

Baskin Robbins is a wonderful place to visit if you have a sweet tooth. You will be able to choose from standard favorites like vanilla, strawberry, or chocolate, as well as the Trick Oreo Treat you've been reading about.

Don't let the Halloween holiday pass you by this year. All through October, you can visit a Baskin Robbins and start treating yourself. Take the kids or just go on your own. You'll be glad that you made the trip!