Treat Me Like A Queen Or GTFO

After years of enduring terrible situations and constant disappointment, I've finally arrived at a place of self-love and confidence. It wasn't easy, but now that I recognize my own value and view myself as the strong, resilient person I am, I won't settle for anything less than a man who appreciates my fortitude and treats me with the respect and adoration I deserve.

1. My Confidence Is A Work Of Art

For a woman, building self-confidence can be a long and challenging journey. Society constantly sends mixed messages about how we should look, act, and present ourselves. We're expected to be attractive yet modest, intelligent yet approachable, assertive yet likable, and so on. It's no wonder that many of us struggle to feel confident and comfortable in our own skin. But after years of hard work and self-discovery, I've finally reached a point where I'm proud of who I am and what I stand for. So when I share my confidence with you, I hope you'll understand the depth of what it took to achieve it.

2. Queens Don't Take Crap From Anyone

I reject the idea of playing immature games when it comes to dating. If I have feelings for you, I will express them openly, and I expect you to do the same. I don't want to play guessing games, deal with mixed signals over text, or share you with anyone else if we become committed. Let's communicate clearly about our intentions from the beginning.

3. My Body Is Beautiful And You Should Respect It

I am the owner of my body, and I choose to grant access to it when I'm comfortable and ready. If you show respect for my body, I will reciprocate that respect to yours. However, I expect this to be a mutual exchange, so please be prepared to give in order to receive.

4. I Won't Be Seeking Your Approval, Just Your Support

It took me a long time to embrace and love every part of myself, including the strange and wonderful aspects. For any potential partner, it's crucial to accept me as I am, without trying to change me to fit their expectations. I won't dress, act, or communicate just to seek their approval. The key to a successful relationship is mutual support and respect. We should encourage each other to be true to ourselves and pursue our passions. If you're not on board with that, then it's best to say goodbye.

5. If You Can't Handle All Of My Emotions, You Don't Deserve Me

For too long, women have been unfairly labeled as "too emotional." The truth is, both men and women are capable of feeling deeply, and there is nothing wrong with expressing our emotions. As long as our feelings are not harmful to anyone else, we should be free to share them openly. If you're not comfortable with me expressing my emotions, including crying or discussing my deepest feelings, then you're not the right person for me.

6. My Pleasure Is Non-Negotiable

I prioritize my partner's sexual satisfaction, as I find pleasure in giving head and knowing that my skills and attention bring them pleasure. However, a fulfilling sexual relationship is a two-way street. If you're not willing to reciprocate and prioritize my pleasure in return, then I'm not interested. Sex should be a mutually enjoyable experience where we both explore and satisfy each other's desires.

7. I Refuse To Conform To Any Garbage Gender Roles

Let's not adhere to outdated gender roles, shall we? Just because I'm a woman doesn't mean I should be expected to stay at home and cook, and just because you're a man doesn't mean you should be expected to be the sole breadwinner or handyman. Let's do what we enjoy and what we're good at, without feeling pressured to conform to outdated gender stereotypes. Sound good?

8. If I Love You, Count Yourself Lucky

I don't take love lightly, and I don't see why I should. As an introvert, I don't open up to just anyone. So if I give you my heart, it means I see something special in you. I'll be there for you through thick and thin, and I'll always make sure you know how much you mean to me. But if you ever betray my trust or hurt me, I won't hesitate to cut you out of my life. My love is a precious gift, and I won't let it be wasted on someone who doesn't appreciate it.