Travel Influencer Falls 100 Feet To Her Death After Posing For Selfie On Cliff Edge

According to a report by Newsflash (via NY Post), Zoe Snoeks, a 33-year-old travel blogger from Belgium, passed away after accidentally falling 100 feet off a cliff while attempting to take a selfie on its edge. She was traveling with her husband in Luxembourg at the time and landed in the Ourthe River below.

1. Rescuers Discovered Znoeks' Body Shortly After

A group of rescuers, such as firefighters, police, scuba divers, and members of the Groupe de Recherche et d'Intervention en Milieu Perilleux, attempted to save the victim. Unfortunately, the fatal fall was too great and she succumbed to her injuries upon impact.

2. Snoeks' Husband, Joeri Janssen, Thought They Were Going To Have Another Adventure Together

According to his statement to the authorities, on Sunday, he and his companions drove to the picturesque region near Nadrin village in their camper van. He stated that ever since the pandemic, it had become their routine to travel across Europe in their van and capture stunning photographs. Along with their two dogs, they had intended to return to their residence in Limburg on the same day.

3. The 4,600-Foot-High Rock Face Is Beautiful But Dangerous

"We got up very early to take pictures of the Herou," Janssen said. "There is almost always mist there. It's great for photos. We arrived before 9 a.m." The spouses wanted to capture scenic photos and it was hard for them to imagine that they could end up in danger.

4. Janssen Turned Away To Look For The Dogs And His Wife Was Gone

Snoeks asked her husband to "look out for the dogs," so he did so, but when he turned his attention to his wife again she had disappeared.

"I turned to the dogs and told them to wait. When I turned back to Zoe, she was no longer there. She had just vanished. It must have happened in less than five seconds," Janssen recalled.

"I didn't see or hear anything. No rustling, no screams or shouts. I looked up and saw only dust. I called her even though I knew it was hopeless. The chasm was several tens of meters deep."

5. He Rushed To The Hospital To Get Help Since Emergency Services Didn't Understand Him On The Phone

"The rescue team could not find Zoe immediately, they said in French. Then they told me that unfortunately, Zoe was dead, also in French, but I immediately understood what they meant," he explained.

"Taking photos was her passion. I immediately unlocked her phone and saw that she had taken a photo on the cliff edge. Her very last selfie. Zoe is looking straight ahead. You can also see the mist and the river where they finally found her body."