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Trans Woman Arrested For Using Craigslist To 'Look For A Horse To Bang'

trans woman arrested for using craigslist to ‘look for a horse to bang’

Arizona trans woman arrested on bestiality charges after placing an ad on Craigslist, seeking a 'horse for sex.'

The woman, identified as Donald Waelde, posted the ad on the Missed Connections section of Phoenix Craigslist.

In the post, she said she was looking for a male horse to commit the act of 'fellatio.'

Stating her age, she wrote:

"I want to play with a male horse. Simple as that."

"If you have access to a male horse, and can allow me access to a male horse, then contact me, please. I will do something in return."

trans woman arrested for using craigslist to 'look for a horse to bang'

The 'disgusting' ad caught the eye of another Craigslist user who reported it to the Maricopa County police.

An undercover detective—posing as a person interested in Donald's offer—then contacted the woman on Craigslist.

During a subsequent conversation, the woman revealed she wanted to perform oral sex on the horse.

Unaware she was conversing with an undercover cop, the woman agreed to meet up.

trans woman arrested for using craigslist to 'look for a horse to bang'

On the day of the meeting, detectives brought along a horse so they could bust her.

While negotiating the deal, the officers revealed their identity and arrested the woman. They then charged her with bestiality for trying to arrange a hook up with a horse.

When questioned by police, Donald admitted to posting the ad and her sexual intentions with the horse.

Police said:

"Cases like these are tough to talk about, but we will always go after those who commit sex acts with animals."

This isn't the first incident someone has tried to rent a horse online for sex.

Just recently, State police arrested a 53-year-old Dauphin County man for attempting to arrange a sexual encounter with a horse.

According to an affidavit, Norman S. Zalek contacted a woman on Facebook asking if she could rent her horse for training or riding lessons.

While exchanging messages, Zalek then asked the woman if she could also rent the horse to him and his wife, so they could perform 'sexual activities' with it.

Zalek also told the woman that he and his wife are 'open-minded,' and they 'like to try different things.'

In disgust, the woman reported the incident to the police.

State police obtained clearance to conduct a one-way phone recording and then arranged for the horse owner to contact Zalek.

The woman contacted Zalek and 'expressed' interest in renting her horse for sex. And the man offered $200 for the offer.

Zalek also disclosed to the woman that he won't have intercourse with the animal. Instead, he wanted to stimulate it.

And when the woman asked him if he will do the act alone, he replied, 'no, it's me and my wife.'