Traits That Separate A Boy From A Man

When a woman reaches a certain point in life, she wants to settle down with a man, not a boy. These days it is hard to tell the difference between the two, as guys who are older sometimes still have boy mentalities. When you are looking to settle down and start a life with a real man, use the following traits to determine whether you are dealing with a man or a boy.

• A boy likes to talk about all the things he can do and can accomplish. He talks about how great he is at things a lot. A man will not talk about skills and things; he would instead show you with actions.

• A boy often craves attention and demands some respect because he feels entitled. A man doesn’t need attention 24/7, and he willingly gives his respect to you.

• Boys like to chase women, and they want to show off that they’ve had a lot of women. Men don’t chase women. They look out for, respect and protect any woman. They treat women with the same respect as they would their mothers.

• Boys like to fight. Fighting gets them off in a sense. They turn almost any disagreement with anyone into some sort of fight. Men know how to settle differences without it coming to harsh words or blows. They do not feel the need to get riled up and fight over things.

• Boys run away from their problems instead of facing them. Whether it’s a problem pertaining to work, relationships, or friends, if there is a serious issue, a boy will run from it. Men face issues head-on; if there is a problem in any aspect of their life, he wants to problem solve and figure out the best way to deal with it without running away.

• Boys see any other guy as competition, who looks better, who has bigger muscles, who can get the better girl etc. They have insecurity issues when it comes to any other guy being better than them. Men commend other guys for how well they have done in life and with themselves. They do not feel the need to become jealous, as they are entirely content with themselves.

• Boys spend their money quickly, on outdoor toys for themselves, video games, or drinks when they go out partying on the weekends. A man knows how to budget his money and save for his future. He likes to have a little fun sometimes, but he does it responsibly when he can and without breaking the bank.

• A boy doesn’t keep jobs for long. He hasn’t settled for a career in life, and he jumps from job to job, sometimes going jobless in between. A man has a stable job, if not a career. He takes care of himself by himself, and he makes sure he is employed at all times.

If you are looking to settle down with a real man, make sure that you end up with a man and not a boy. The above traits show signs in both a man and a boy. Use them to determine whether or not you’re dealing with a real man that you can settle down and have a happy life with.