Traits Of REAL Mental Toughness

Traits Of Real Mental Toughness

Mental toughness is a character, a discipline, and a choice for every individual, rather than a natural character for the lucky.

There are certain points in our lives where our mental toughness is put to test. It might be a struggling relationship, a job, or dealing with things in general life.

Emotionally intelligent

Being emotionally intelligent is the key hack to mental toughness. You need to be mentally sharp with the ability to tolerate strong emotions, understand them and probably transform them into something productive.


Be confident

As opposed to false confidence, if you have true confidence, you will be able to project and mask your insecurities.

Neutralize toxic people

You need to control your interactions with toxic individuals by ensuring your feelings are in check if you desire to be mentally tough.


Embrace change

Flexibility and continually adapting to changes is essential to a mentally tough individual. Fear of changes is a threat to happiness and success.

Don't regret

You have to know that, after all is said and done, you will regret the chances you didn't take rather than your failures. You shouldn't be afraid to take risks.


Embrace failure

To be mentally tough, you will have to embrace failure, for the path to success is paved with it.

Don't dwell on past mistakes

You should distance yourself from mistakes you made, but that doesn't mean forgetting them. By referring to your mistakes at a safe distance enables you to adjust and adapt to future success.


Don't let anyone limit your joy

When your sense of belonging comes from comparing yourself to others, you are not in control of your own happiness.

Don't limit others joy

You shouldn't judge others. Every person has different things to offer.

Get enough sleep

Your focus, self-control, and memory are reduced when you don't get the right kind of or enough sleep. Quality sleep is a top priority.


Forgive easily

Life goes a lot easier when you clear your grudges and forgive those who didn't apologize.

Focus on the most important

When you concentrate on things that matter the most, it will enable you to get rid of distractions.

Stay humble

"You are never too high up the food chain to show others humility."


Be kind to others as you would like them to be kind to you.

Learn always to let go

You shouldn't always carry your anger and resentment with you.

Learn always to let go off the weight and emotions in your heart.

Don't quit learning

You learn from your mistakes and also from others' mistakes. It gives you the ability to become a better person.


Be responsible for your actions

You need to stop playing the victim in your life and grab the responsibility wheel for your actions.

Disconnect to reconnect

Always give your mind time to think and perform, also meditate and go for a walk when necessary, and let your brain absorb more information.


Learn to love yourself

Learn always to love yourself first then everyone else will love you.
If you don't love yourself, don't expect anyone to love you.

Don't be too hard on yourself

We all make mistakes, and you should learn from your mistakes to become a better version of yourself. You gain new insight into how life works.


Be consistent

In the same way that in gym practice you need to be consistent in training, you have to be the same way in what you want to achieve— be consistent.