Traits Of An Outgoing Introvert

Traits Of An Outgoing Introvert

The label of being an introvert and extrovert doesn't always fit certain types of personalities. It can be confusing to think about which side you belong to as your traits don't always match one or the other. Your struggle to fit into the label probably means that you are an outgoing introvert.

Being an outgoing introvert takes most of the good from both sides and transforms it into another identity.

Below are the great traits of an outgoing introvert:

They value alone time

While mingling with other people doesn't really bother them that much, they need the time for themselves. Being with people can be very exhausting, the different personalities they have to deal with and pretend to like, having alone time gives refuge from all the commotion.

They choose friends wisely

They like having friends, but they choose quality over quantity. It may be difficult for them to find people who they can trust or have an interest in, which is a good thing. They find that having too many friends can lose the actual value of friendship and prefer to stick to their ride or dies.

It's difficult for them to find a partner

Just like the difficulty of finding the right set of friends, the struggle to find a partner is also hard. They like learning people first before offering themselves to the suitors, which can filter the bad ones from the good ones. They are brave enough to look for them but take their time to see if it is the perfect match.

They don't like small talk

They find small talk uninteresting. Asking how their journey was is mind-numbingly boring, and they'd rather delve into deep conversations that mean something to both parties.

They are in a world of their own

Sometimes they can get stuck in their own little worlds. They tend to over-analyze things and keep replaying situations in their head, anticipating how they would turn out. They have running conversations in their minds while trying to figure out what someone had said to them.

It's all in the detail

They want to know what makes other people tick, especially people that are close to them. It is important for them to know other people's characteristics, so they understand how to approach them properly.

Too many is too much

Their outgoing trait may leave them meeting new people, but too many people can be overbearing for them. Such as when starting a new job when everyone is wanting to know them, this can get stressful for them. They have to find the right pace in meeting people to avoid drowning themselves too quickly.

Other people are important too

Introverts focus on themselves, but being outgoing makes them feel other people's sentiments too. They will go out of their way to avoid confrontation or hurting other people. Their kind streak is evident through this making them very caring people.

The environment is important

They can be the life and soul of the group, but it also depends on the surroundings. The matter of having the right vibe and atmosphere is important for them. It can be seen as a sign of bipolar, but it is simply their way of showing that they are not in the mood to participate.