Tragic Accident: Airport Worker Gets Sucked Into Plane Engine And Dies

Tragic Accident: Airport Worker Gets Sucked Into Plane Engine And Dies

A tragic incident occurred at San Antonio International Airport in Texas, resulting in the loss of a worker's life.

On Friday (June 23), the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) confirmed that a member of the airport's ground crew was fatally pulled into the engine of a plane.

The unfortunate event took place when the worker was near a Delta Airlines jet that had just arrived from Los Angeles. Regrettably, at the time of the incident, the plane was operating with only one engine.

An unfortunate incident occurred as the plane was moving towards a gate, resulting in the tragic death of an unidentified airport worker.

According to the NTSB, they have been in communication with Delta, and the airline is currently gathering information regarding the incident.

Emergency services promptly responded to the incident at around 10:25 pm local time on Friday night, leading to flight delays at San Antonio airport.

The airport worker was employed by Unifi Aviation, a company that provides ground handling services to multiple airlines. KENS5 received a statement from the company regarding the worker's unfortunate demise.

"Unifi Aviation is deeply saddened by the loss of our employee at San Antonio International Airport during a tragic incident in the late hours of Friday, June 23, 2023," they said.

"Our hearts go out to the family of the deceased, and we remain focused on supporting our employees on the ground and ensuring they are being taken care of during this time."

"From our initial investigation, this incident was unrelated to Unifi's operational processes, safety procedures and policies. Out of respect for the deceased, we will not be sharing any additional information."

"While police and other officials continue to investigate this incident, we defer to them on providing further details."

Delta expressed deep sorrow and sadness over the loss of the ground crew member in a heartfelt statement. They conveyed their condolences and extended complete support to the family and friends of the departed individual.

"An accident occurred on the ground at San Antonio International Airport tonight that resulted in the fatality of an airline ground crew member," a statement issued by airport officials said.

"We are deeply saddened by this incident and are working with authorities as they begin their investigation. We will share more information as details become available."

The investigation into the unfortunate incident at the airport, which led to the loss of life, is currently underway and ongoing.