Toxic Relationship Quiz: Know If Your Relationship Is Hard Or Toxic

Toxic Relationship Quiz: Know If Your Relationship Is Hard Or Toxic

Here is a toxic relationship quiz to help you understand if you are in a relationship that's going through a rough patch or has gotten crazy toxic. Take it from me: one of the worst misfortunes you can suffer in this life is getting into a toxic relationship.

Relationships are not always smooth sailing. You know that. So, I'm not saying your relationship has to be perfect to avoid the "toxic" label.


It's not always easy telling the difference between a toxic and a difficult (but healthy) relationship.

So, where do you draw the line between a normal relationship going through its usual challenges and a toxic, unhealthy relationship that is sucking the life out of you?

The biggest problem is that toxic relationships normally start enough. In fact, what might be a toxic relationship today might have once been the happiest relationship ever.


You could feel the chemistry, the joy, the butterflies in the stomach, and all the things you would want to experience in a healthy relationship.

But now, you struggle to find anything good and worthwhile in the relationship.

The chances are that things have gotten completely toxic. But how can you be sure you are in a toxic relationship? Taking a toxic relationship quiz might just be what you need.


So, this toxic relationship quiz might help you out. If you keep answering the following questions in the affirmative, yes, you are in a toxic relationship.

Toxic Relationship Quiz

If you can agree with any of these statements, then yes, your relationship has gotten toxic in that particular way.

1. Does He Blame You For His Bad Moods Or Emotions?

He comes home from work in a terrible mood, and he makes you feel it's all your fault. You have to walk on eggshells around him because you are afraid of how he will react.


Then that's a powerful sign you are in a toxic relationship.

If it were a normal relationship, you would feel free with your partner, and he would be making an effort to keep his negative emotions from affecting you.

But now he dumps it all on you because he has turned toxic.

2. Do You Put In All The Effort To Keep The Unhealthy Relationship Going?

A relationship is a two-person affair. So, when one of the partners abandons their responsibilities and leaves the other to keep the relationship going, things are pretty bad.


In fact, that relationship has gone toxic.

Being the only person who makes an effort to keep the relationship going means, you feel alone and worn out. After all, you don't have a real partner who helps you out when you need him to.

Even if you lie to yourself that things will be better if you make a little more effort, they won't. The only thing that will change is that you will feel even more exhausted and lonelier.


Practically any additional effort you put into a toxic relationship will make your life more miserable. The best option is to disengage and distance yourself.

3. Is It Impossible For You To Say No To Him? The Unhealthy Relationship Is Now Toxic

No is a word that carries with it a negative connotation. People associate it with rebellion, enmity, and disagreement.


But in a healthy relationship, this word gives the individuals involved their freedom.

So, when you can never say no to him because you love him or whatever, then you are in a deeply dysfunctional relationship.

In a loving relationship, your opinions always matter to the other partner. Yes, you can make compromises for them out of love if you want to, but saying no should never be out of the question.


4. Do You Get Abused Verbally, Emotionally, Or Physically In This Unhealthy Relationship?

Does your partner cause you pain by hitting you or saying mean and terrible things to you? Then you are neck-deep in a toxic relationship.

You should never remain in a relationship where you are abused or mistreated. This should be a pretty obvious sign that the relationship has run its course, and it's time to stop being part of it.


It shouldn't matter how long you have been together.

5. Does He Hold The Unhealthy Relationship Hostage?

Some horrible partners hold their relationships, hostage by threatening to leave if the other partner makes a certain mistake or fails to do what they want. This amounts to blackmail, and there are few things more toxic than that in a relationship.


Partners who do this never healthily resolve issues, and they keep you wondering whether your relationship has a future or not.

They also tend to be quite dramatic and self-righteous because they feel they have all the power in the relationship. They know the blackmail strikes fear in your heart and that makes you willing to do their bidding whenever they feel like it.

Such a relationship is always in a crisis because you never know if you will get over the next mistake you make. Living with such concerns bothering you can be detrimental to your mental wellbeing.


Manipulation is very toxic, especially when done so openly and with impunity. It lowers your self-esteem and destroys your confidence.

6. Does He Tell Endless Lies? Then The Unhealthy Relationship Is Toxic

No relationship can get far without trust, and trust is driven away by lies and cheating. If you keep catching him in a lie, the trust will disappear beyond a point where you can not get it back.


And being in such a relationship is one of the most toxic things ever.

Without trust, the relationship will cause insecurity, jealousy, anger, and suspicions between the partners and nothing good could ever come from that.

Over time, trying to keep track of your partner's movements will get old and all you will feel will be a sense of anger and loathing towards them. Harboring such emotions is very unhealthy, and it shows that you are in a very toxic relationship.


7. Is Your Partner Passive-Aggressive?

Passive-aggressive behavior happens when a partner will never bring up an issue directly. They expect you to get "hints," and when you don't, they react negatively and then complain about you.

Instead of telling you he doesn't like it when you rearrange his things, he does something you hate to make you get the "hint." When you complain, he then brings up the issue and blames you.


This can be exhausting and unhealthy, and small issues get blown out of proportion because the partner never has the courage to speak what's on their mind.

Generally, passive-aggressive behavior shows you have communication problems. Beyond that, it shows the partner doing this feels insecure in the relationship and is suppressing negative feelings such as anger towards the other partner.


Granted, this behavior is born out of a desire to find the other partner at fault for a chance to criticize and blame them.

Unless you can work on improving your communication, such behavior can tear the relationship apart if the toxicity is allowed to continue.

8. Does He Buy Himself Out Of Trouble?

Showing remorse by taking you out for a treat or giving you a gift is perfectly okay. If the gift is the first thing he does when he is wrong to make you forget what he did, you are in a toxic relationship.


In such a relationship, the real issue never gets resolved but is instead buried beneath empty gestures.

As you know, no issue magically goes away in a relationship unless it is resolved. If anything, it putrefies and makes the relationship rot from within.

If meaningless gestures usually cover mistakes, one day they will be too many to cover up and the relationship will reach its inevitable end.


9. Does Your Partner Smother You With "Loving" Jealousy?

If he flies off the handle whenever you talk to another person, and turns controlling, then he has become toxic.

He might not stop there. He can even hack your computer and track your emails and messages.

Such people might not be above having someone follow you around to make sure you don't meet people they don't approve of.


This form of jealousy gets crazy because you will even have trouble meeting with your friends and relatives.

Jealousy shows the person does not love you enough, and they are afraid you might meet someone who truly does and leave you.

When you love someone, you trust them without making unnecessary drama.

Jealousy is also demeaning, and knowing that you have to change your social behavior so extensively to make your partner comfortable can make your life hell and leave you a shell of your former self.


If you love someone, you should trust them completely. Without trust, a relationship cannot stand.

10. Does He Keep Score?

If you get involved with a toxic partner from hell, they will keep a record of all the bad things you have done in the past and bring them up regularly to make you feel bad.

You might even be a culprit, and both of you can keep scores on each other's mistakes.


When things get to this point, then it's downward from there.

That means no partner can be called out for their bad behavior, even if done in love. Otherwise, they will dig up the past to remind the other partner of all the mistakes they have ever made.

Without a sense of responsibility and a willingness to be better partners, no relationship can survive. If anything, such a union will only make all the parties involved worse off because it's so damn toxic.


When the focus is on the scorecard, current relationship issues are never resolved, and manipulation becomes the order of the day. The focus becomes who is more to blame than the other.

Nothing positive can come from such a relationship.

So, what do you think of this toxic relationship quiz? Do you think your relationship is toxic or just going through a hard time?

Bad relationships happen to good people, and some even turn into very unhealthy relationships that cannot recover.


Hopefully, with this toxic relationship quiz, you will understand if you are in one and whether to work on it or pack up and leave before things get worse.