Toxic Love Vs. Real Love: 5 Common And Crucial Differences

Toxic Love Vs. Real Love: 5 Common And Crucial Differences

In a race for the one, we often end up in relationships, which makes us feel as if we're drowning. A toxic relationship can happen to anyone, so it's important to know what are the crucial distinctions between right and poisonous love.

Real love isn't what you thought it was when you were a kid. It's not a fairytale but a partnership of two people who are capable of accepting, honoring and supporting each other. Of course, there are many great things that it will give you. However, it's good to ditch the Disney idea of what real romance is.


Toxic relationships can start strong. But, partners aren't equaled, and it only gets worse from that. It doesn't necessarily mean it will be as bad as seen in an average Lifetime movie. However, don't expect it to give you anything but heartache and headache.

Here are five crucial differences, and be sure not to settle, because you deserve better than that!

Self-development Vs. Obsession

Real love allows you to continue your self-growth. Toxic one is possessive, jealous, and energy-consuming.


People in healthy relationships can have their group of friends, interests, while toxic lovers are obsessed with each other. It may seem cute at first, but they become detached from their lives, friends, and family.

Compromise Vs. Passive-aggressive Manipulation

We all want things to go our way. But, as we grow up, we learn to compromise and respect the opinions of others. We don't have to agree to understand our partners.


With toxic love, compromise is not an option. One partner is dominant or playing the victim card, and they can both be passive-aggressive.

There's no value of opinions, and the uneasy lovers usually place blame and make unnecessary dramatic scenes.

Reality Vs. Delusion

Good, quality relationships are living in the moment while making realistic plans for the future. If you're in a healthy relationship, you understand that there are some obstacles you may or may not manage to pull through. But that's life.


Toxic relationships are "ride or die," very immature and out of touch with everyday life. Partners live for each other, not with each other. Even worse is that they are stuck in a fantasy. When it's good, it's incredible, but when it's bad, it's awful.

Trust Vs. Fear

Trust is something that grows while you're progressing as a couple. Trusting partners can be a bit insecure due to external stresses, but it's a temporary reaction.


In unhealthy relationships, partners are living in constant fear of losing one another. This is the main reason they display jealous rage and possessiveness. And since they aren't capable of having realistic communication, they're always feeding on their partner's insecurities.

Intimacy Vs. Sex As A Mask

When you're are in a proper, healthy relationship, friendship, sex, and affection are always improving, growing, and getting deeper meanings.


Toxic relationships don't care about intimacy. There's no friendship, and sex is used to mask all the issues.

Furthermore, it's not unusual to feel forced to have sex to prove loyalty to your partner. And it's also a quick fix to other problems.

Toxic lovers are acting like addicts. Your partner can't cure your insecurities or make you feel better about yourself. That's your job, and once you feel better in your skin, you can seek the right, healthy, real love.