Top Relationship Red Flags And Deal Breakers

Top Relationship Red Flags And Deal Breakers

Although many people take pride in breaking the rules and living life on their own terms, without clear boundaries and rules, it's impossible to have a healthy relationship with another human being.

It should therefore come as no surprise that we have common top relationship red flags and deal-breakers. And it would be nice if more people knew about them to avoid getting into unhealthy or dead-end relationships, but we are not all usually so fortunate.

Fortunately, here is the help you need to recognize major relationship red flags and deal-breakers. The idea is to help you nib that budding nightmare of a relationship in the bud before it turns into another period of your life worth forgetting.

1. Lying

top relationship red flags and deal breakers

Why is lying still a deal-breaker in a relationship knowing that it's inevitable that you will end up with a partner who will lie to you at some point?

It's simple: there are significant and petty lies. If your partner lies that they were late doing a chore when indeed they were taking a nap or watching the TV, that's not a deal-breaker.

But when they lie about being exclusive with you while secretly dating other people, that's a huge red flag and an obvious deal-breaker.

Lying should be one of the most important deal-breakers. Someone who lets you see them for someone they are not will never feel comfortable letting you see their real self. What you will get instead are more lies, and your whole relationship will be a total sham.

Small lies are red flags; big lies are the deal breakers.

2. Controlling Behavior

top relationship red flags and deal breakers

Having a controlling behavior is one of the biggest deal breakers in a relationship. It is also among the biggest red flags of an insecure man or woman. Someone confident in themselves will not try to control every aspect of your life.

Relationships should give you freedom despite the common goals and the strong bond you have.

It is important to be especially keen when looking out for controlling behavior since it's something of a hidden relationship deal-breaker.

At first, you might think you are dating a bold girl or guy who likes to take charge. It is only later when you might realize they like to take charge of your personal space as well.

3. Excessive Drinking

top relationship red flags and deal breakers

Some people drink too much, and that can get in the way of having a healthy relationship. Usually, they end up being abusive or serious financial and psychological liabilities to those close to them.

If your partner drinks too much, you cannot even trust what they get up to when they are too drunk to make good decisions.

Trusting a drunkard is a huge mistake, and the relationship can get codependent and unhealthy and hold you back for life. So, excessive drinking is a little more than a red flag. It's a massive deal-breaker.

4. Jealousy

top relationship red flags and deal breakers

Jealousy comes in many forms, and sometimes it's justified and tolerable. But when it gets to a point where you are afraid to talk to anyone because your partner will lose it, then you have a huge problem.

Extreme jealousy is one of the major relationship deal breakers for guys and girls alike. So, be on the lookout for it.

When someone starts to forbid you from seeing other people and forces you to cut ties with close friends and even family, you can bet that the future of that relationship will not give you anything to smile about.

A good way to know someone has extreme jealousy is to notice their possessive behavior and jealousy from the beginning of a relationship.

Learn To Identify Red Flags And Deal Breakers

top relationship red flags and deal breakers

Even with all this talk about red flags, it's important to figure out if your relationship deal breakers make sense.

Honestly, some people have ridiculous deal-breakers that cost them promising relationships.

Before you kick your partner to the curb, understand the meaning of deal-breaker in a relationship.

This is not about kicking someone out because they said something snide about your favorite TV show even though they support the hell out of your dreams and ambitions. It's about seeing the bigger picture and considering the kind of future this person will give you if you keep them around.

Even as you learn to spot the top red flags and deal breakers, be careful not to make mistakes. Misjudging people is the easiest thing in the world. Yes, even those we share a roof with.

However, these are the top relationship red flags and deal breakers you should never ignore.

One thing you should understand from this is that red flags might be ignored for the sake of a good relationship, but deal breakers cannot. So, learn to draw the line where red flags turn into deal-breakers to avoid getting into a toxic relationship that sucks the life out of you.