Top Qualities Men Find Attractive In Women

Top Qualities Men Find Attractive In Women

Many women feel that the key thing a lot of men are looking for in a woman is good looks, and this may be true with some men. However, some men are not shallow and look far beyond physical appearance when it comes to their ideal woman.

In fact, there are many qualities men find attractive in women that are nothing to do with the way that they look. If you are hoping to meet that special someone, it is well worth noting what men actually look for versus what women think they look for.


Some Key Qualities Men Love To See In Women

There are several key qualities that many men find attractive in women, so it is worth keeping these in mind. Some of these are:

High Confidence Levels

One of the things that men love to see in women is a high level of confidence. Some women have low self-esteem and confidence levels, which can make some men feel daunted and as though they have to walk on eggshells.


It can also make them feel like they have to constantly praise and validate their partner to make them feel confident. This is why many men like to be around women who are confident in their own right.


Some women are not very independent, and they become reliant on their partners for everything. However, this is something that many men can be put off by, as it puts too much of the onus on them.


Men like to see women have inner strength and solid independence that enables them to pursue their own hobbies and interests, have their own circles of friends, and be their own person. This is something that some men find very attractive in women.

Good Sense of Humor

Many men look for in a woman is a good sense of humor, as life can be very boring with someone who never sees the funny side of anything. Men like to be around women who know how to see the bright side of things.


Being able to take yourself a little less seriously from time to time and being able to have fun with a partner is very important. This is why a good sense of humor has become an important quality for many men.

A Positive Outlook

Nobody wants to spend all their time with someone full of doom and gloom, as this just brings everyone else down as well. So, it comes as no surprise that men are keen to see positivity in women rather than a really negative attitude.


Being positive is something that will not only make it easier for you to find the perfect soulmate, as this is a quality that men love. It will also help you to improve your own life, as constant negativity can take its toll on many areas of your health and wellbeing.

Honesty and Trustworthiness

It comes as no surprise that another quality that men love to see in women is honesty, as this is something without which there is little basis for a relationship. Men want women who are honest with themselves and honest with others rather than someone who tells lies and plays mind games.


With honesty comes trust, and by being honest, you also show that you are trustworthy. Again, this is something that many men are keen to see in women, as it can form the core basis for a relationship.

Looks Aren't Everything!

As you can see, for many men, looks aren't everything when it comes to finding a woman attractive. There are lots of qualities that men find attractive in women that have nothing whatsoever to do with their looks.