Top Must-Have Crystals For Empaths

Top Must-Have Crystals For Empaths

Empaths take being highly sensitive a step further. They can feel the most subtle energy, also known as Prana, in Eastern traditions. They absorb it; this includes negative energy too. So crystals are great for empaths as they can offer protection from the energies around them.

Surrounded by peace, love, and good vibrations, empaths thrive. Negativity, on the other hand, can leave an empath feeling completely drained and exhausted.

It can be both a blessing and a curse being highly intuitive and sensitive to energy. Each crystal has its unique vibration and can help support and protect you from unwanted energies while keeping you grounded.

New York Times bestselling author of The Empath's Survival Guide, and UCLA psychiatrist, Dr. Judith Orloff, M.D., describes empaths as those who absorb the world's joys and stresses like "emotional sponges."
She also stated, "Use gemstones. Carry a crystal to help ground you and ward off an emotional hangover. Try black tourmaline, amethyst, or black obsidian. Shamans say that if you carry or wear black, you will be more protected.

Black Tourmaline

Top Must-Have Crystals For Empaths

Known for its powerful protective properties, black tourmaline has been used for centuries for protection. This is due to its ability to absorb, transmute, and clear negative energy.

It's an excellent crystal for empaths as we have the ability to soak in other people's energy. Similar to a sponge, the stone will soak it up instead. Using black tourmaline around your house will keep it clear of negative energy. Black tourmaline is one of the most powerful protectors of all the crystals.

Along with being a protective stone, it is also a powerful grounding stone and a stabilizer because of its connection to the lower chakras. When you keep your energy grounded, you have a deep sense of security in your energy. It is helping an empath get through their daily life without being swayed so much by others.


Top Must-Have Crystals For Empaths

Amethyst derives its name from the Greek word ametusthos which means 'not intoxicated.' Not only is it a protective stone, but it also helps calm the mind. It can bring peace and stability, balance mood swings. It will also relieve stress and anxiety.

Amethyst can activate spiritual awareness, also known as the Intuitive Eye. It can help boost your psychic ability, enhance, sharpen, and heighten an empaths intuition.

Empaths need to be able to trust their intuition. Amethyst helps them differentiate their own feelings from those feelings that are coming from outside sources. Amethyst is a very high vibrational crystal that protects your aura.

By wearing this guarding stone, you will be protected from any psychic attack that may come from people around you. It will send it back transmuted into loving, positive energy. Along with protecting you from negative energy, it also attracts positive vibrations to you.

Black Obsidian

Top Must-Have Crystals For Empaths

This crystal is a strong cleanser of any psychic fog within the aura. Obsidian is also considered a very powerful protection stone as it can aid in shielding you from any negativity.

Black obsidian also possesses the ability to cut ties and break attachments with those you need to let go of. It's also a great grounding stone for empaths as it helps move any energy through you into Mother Earth for grounding.

Wearing black obsidian will relieve the wearer of any resentments they may be holding onto and help you feel present and calm. It brings out any hidden emotions from past relationships to the surface so that you can heal.


Top Must-Have Crystals For Empaths

Feelings of being overwhelmed and anxious are common occurrences for empaths due to the fact they are like a beacon to receive energies and emotions from their environment.

Lepidolite helps in easing such anxieties with its power to soak in stress, fear, or anxiety. At the same time, it's giving you calming energy to help you relax.


Top Must-Have Crystals For Empaths

An iridescent crystal, Labradorite is a bringer of light. It is both a protective stone and a highly mystical stone. It helps to raise consciousness and connects to universal energies.

This crystal is one of the most powerful stones for protection against negative and low energy from other people. It's helpful as this stone deflects unwanted energies from the aura. Labradorite prevents energy leakage, which can aid an empath to prevent them from feeling drained after being around certain people and places.

The stone helps you to see your true purpose and worth. Simultaneously boosting your psychic abilities and sharpening your intuition, this is an exceptional stone for empaths.


Top Must-Have Crystals For Empaths

This rich green stone allows you to be your true self. It has the power to remove and shift stagnant energy within. Empaths are highly sensitive and prone to take on the emotional pain of others as your own. This can cause your heart chakra to feel unbalanced, leading to feeling overwhelmed.

Malachite balances your heart chakra and strengthens your sense of compassion. Malachite is excellent in removing emotional blockages and enhancing your intuition. It also promotes a sense of emotional harmony and calmness.

Lapis Lazuli

Top Must-Have Crystals For Empaths

This stone opens the third eye and balances the throat chakra. A crystal that aids in spiritual growth and awareness, helping you trust your intuition.

Lapis lazuli is a protective stone that recognizes a psychic attack, blocks it, and then returns its energy source. It has an innate ability to keep up the full maintenance of your aura. The stone is allowing you to speak your spiritual truths while offering full protection.

As it works with your throat chakra, it allows clear communication of your thoughts, preventing misunderstanding.


Top Must-Have Crystals For Empaths

Hematite, with its metallic sheen, gives off a black mirror-like appearance. It is a stone that acts similar to a reflective shield, deflecting unwanted energy and negative vibrations.

This is one of the most powerful stones for grounding, which helps prevent empaths from feeling emotionally overwhelmed. The crystal is great for keeping you centered and balanced. It stops you from being swayed by outside emotional energy, which can be exhausting and draining.