Top 6 Technology Trends In The Real Estate Industry This 2021

Top 6 Technology Trends In The Real Estate Industry This 2021

There are several changes in the real estate industry from the past year and even now that you probably would not have noticed much.

However, these changes are useful. It has helped the industry strive and provide services to the people who need real estate purchases or advice.

So, what are the real estate technology trends that made significant help in the real estate industry?

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Buying And Selling Via Websites

When the internet was not advanced, realtors mostly used traditional marketing tactics back in the old days.

But now that everyone goes digital, the real estate industry also adapts to the change very quickly.

Hence, many realtors now develop and maintain their websites to get leads from worldwide or their local area.

Aside from that, they integrate it with social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Also, it is remarkable how realty associations have been advocating digitalization in this era. For example, the National Association of Realtors tries mobile devices for several different activities, including communication with their clients.

Drone Photography And Videography

Although taking the best photographs has been a long-time practice in the industry, drones are fairly new.

It is essentially important for realtors who want to showcase high-quality images of properties. At the same time, videos are also essential in giving a more detailed overview of the house or condo.

So, even if real estate photography and videography are already available, drone use in capturing videos and images is more significant.

This is because a drone can significantly show a huge space of the area or even the neighborhood. It provides more viewing angles for interested buyers.

Virtual Reality

Even with the emergence of high-quality photos and 360° videos, interested buyers are not always satisfied seeing them.

They always want more.

That is why 3D virtual reality tours in showing some properties to buyers have been in demand. It allows them to visualize the place better than the photographs.

You can check several real estate sites offering this service and some great examples. Check them and see the wonders yourself.

Real Estate CRM Software

A real estate client relation management (CRM) software helps realtors in managing the real estate business. It is particularly useful in tracking emails and leads, managing contracts, and updating you with all the other ongoing transactions of the company.

Although this is not new in the industry anymore, this remains a trend in real estate.

Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) In Property Value Estimation

Other trends you need to check are the technologies used for evaluating property values. Most of them are AI and ML.

ML algorithms are used to predict your business' possible commission once a deal is closed. The AI is also useful for property value estimation because of the best insights with realtors.

Real Estate Management Software

Unlike the real estate CRM, real estate management software is more complex and covers the overall operations of the realtors.

Among its common features are the following:

Creating reports


Tenant Screening

Monitoring of insurance policy

Utilizing this tool saves money and time. Moreover, it makes the lives of everyone easy and comfortable.

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Which of these is the most useful to you?

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