Top 5 Signs You Might Be A Highly Sensitive Person

Top 5 Signs You Might Be A Highly Sensitive Person

If you're a sensitive, sensual soul, you're not alone. Around 20 percent of all people are in the same boat. So let's shed some light on what makes someone highly sensitive and why people are obsessed with labeling them as weak!

A highly sensitive temperament is inherited, and it certainly isn't a disease or a disorder. It's not a weakness, yet there's some weird stigma about it. Growing up, most likely, wasn't always pleasant since a sensual soul is in touch with their emotions more than others. So, where do you fit in, are you one of the sensitive people?

You seem shy

When a child is sensitive, the adults treat them as a shy one. While introverts are often quite sensual, it's not anywhere near similar to your sensitive nature.

We can all agree that in a cut-throat world, you can't show any sign of emotions, because the others will see it as a weakness. You knew it when you were five, and things haven't changed. You can be highly opinionated and loud, yet highly sensitive, but since you don't want to show the world your emotions, you act like you're hiding all the time.

You're overwhelmed

Being stressed out and anxious is the price you pay for living in a modern world. Sadly, there's not much we can do about it, except to show more self-love and acceptance.

With highly sensual people, everything's even more overwhelming. Again, it's not because you're not resilient, it's because you're an empath, and you react to events with emotions.

You can't entirely fix your emotional responses, though you can learn to gain some control and avoid developing fatigue or other stress-related conditions.

You have a vivid imagination

Most highly sensitive people are quite creative. Any form of self-expression, drawing, playing an instrument might help you gain a bit of control over your feelings.

Additionally, your vivid imagination can help you make a career in arts, marketing, writing, anything that includes continual creativity.

If nurtured, this is one of those qualities you can use as an advantage, but if not, you might end up with worst-case scenarios. We don't want that, so focus your mind and feelings on making something positive.

You're not a fan of the crowds

The environment often overstimulates your feelings. Big crowds, bright lights, they don't speak to your sensual nature.

It's not that you don't love the spirit of Christmas in a big city, or that you're not crazy about having the biggest birthday parties. You merely aren't that much into night clubs, loud people, and overcrowded bars.

Even if you love your city life and have a large group of friends, you have days when you prefer to read a book, than to go out. You prefer to get up earlier, take a walk in nature, and do some exploring. It's not that you're 20 something grandma. You aren't the biggest lover of anything overstimulating.

You're intuitive

It's not just a gut feeling. You experience weird things as you think of someone, and five minutes later, they call you. Your instincts are sharp, but you're not quite sure what to make of it.

Highly sensitive people are so much in sync with their emotions that they simply know things in advance. Well, not so much knowledge, as they feel, and you should learn to trust your gut. It's not easy to fool you, and if someone tries to lie to you, you'll know.

There are so many advantages to being a highly sensitive person, but when you're a child, you often have that feeling that you're weird or strange. Now that you are a grown-up, it's time to protect your inner child by accepting that you have a gift, so act accordingly!