Top 5 Reasons People Choose To Stay Single

Top 5 Reasons People Choose To Stay Single

It is very common to consciously choose to stay uninvolved in any type of romantic relationship. And honestly, being single is not half as bad as it might sound.

Is there anything wrong with having full control of your own time or having an opportunity to make decisions on the spot without consulting anyone? Here we have gathered the top 5 reasons people chose to stay single.

1. You Are Still Growing

top 5 reasons people choose to stay single

There is no limit to perfection and finding more and more angles to your personality is very rewarding. Sometimes this type of experimentation with your preferences and talents is simply not possible in a committed relationship.

Whatever the reason for self-development might be - your own satisfaction or an attempt to become your better self for a potential soulmate, it is a great path to take. Travel to various cities and countries, learn about new cultures and cuisines, date different people.

So many aspects of our lives are planned out beforehand that having the freedom of not knowing what tomorrow will bring is refreshing.

2. Commitment Is Not For Everyone

top 5 reasons people choose to stay single

Modern society has come a long way from over-conservative stigmas of the past. Women are free to control all areas of their life without having a male partner by their side.

And as we become more open-minded and self-aware, we also start realizing that the traditional concept of a committed relationship might not exactly work for everybody.

Some people feel limited by having to consult with a partner on every matter. Others are working on larger psychological issues and cannot be bothered with romance. And the best news is - it's all perfectly normal.

3. Painful Past

top 5 reasons people choose to stay single

Finding and then losing love is hurtful, no matter what the reason is. Healing from a breakup or a passing can take up a significant amount of time.

Sometimes we don't fully recover at all. This makes it hard to trust and love again. However, what is important is to ensure that the inability to love does not cause additional pain.

Ask yourself: what if I will never love again? How does it make me feel?

If you are scared and unaccepting of your answer - go through all the necessary steps to heal your trauma and come back to the above question later on. And in case you are fully comfortable with the thought - leave it as it is and learn ways to enjoy life outside of romantic relationships.

4. A Lot Of Responsibility

top 5 reasons people choose to stay single

What rom-coms usually fail to mention is the part that comes after the glorious wedding scene. And that part is not always pretty.

Committing to a partner means a lot of things, including acceptance, unconditional care, transparency and vulnerability. Plus, the actual legal responsibility of sharing assets, making big purchases and raising children.

Relationships can be hard work. And just like not everyone is willing to become a neurosurgeon because of the amount of responsibility, not everyone is ready to care for someone other than themselves.

5. Everything Is Good As It Is

top 5 reasons people choose to stay single

Finding your second half is irrelevant if you feel like a whole, complete person. Lacking a romantic partner does not define you.

Your life can be perfectly well-balanced, even if you are single. Don't feel like you need a partner? Then you don't.

You Do You

top 5 reasons people choose to stay single

There are so many other reasons why people chose to stay single. The bottom line is - you should be feeling comfortable despite your relationship status.

Do what you like and enjoy the freedom of single life. If someone special comes along, you can always change your mind.