Top 4 Things To Avoid If You Want Your Ex Back

Top 4 Things To Avoid If You Want Your Ex Back

So, you want your ex back? That's okay, it happens. You have paid your dues by enduring the pain of a breakup.

And after sober reflection, you have realized that the relationship is worth another shot.

Now you want to get back together.

Except for one thing: you haven't mentioned it to them just yet. You don't want rejection. Don't think you can handle it.

Allow me to rip off the bandaid by telling you that trying to get back with your ex is a big risk. You have to put your heart on the line. And yes, your hopes can get dashed in a moment and it can hurt like hell.


But you know in your heart of hearts you have to see if your ex will have you back.

That's okay. It's the reason we are here.

Luckily, there is a right way to do it and a wrong way to do it. Here are some things to avoid.

1. Don't Make Them Jealous

I know making your ex jealous by seeing another person works every time in many romantic Hollywood comedies. But you need to wake up, this is real life.


Nobody needs that emotional manipulation, and nobody will like you better for making them jealous.

If anything, it will add to the level of distrust they might already have about you. That is obviously the last thing you want if at all you are serious about getting back with your ex.

2. Don't Lie

Don't make up some bullshit story about what went wrong. Be honest, even if it seems to go against your goal of getting back together.


Few things are as respectful as telling the truth. Trust me, that is something most people need after a breakup. Honesty also builds trust, and no relationship can survive without it.

3. Don't Stalk Or Harass

Neither of these is endearing. Give your ex the space they require, stop calling every damn minute, or texting round the clock.


Be patient and let things progress organically. Otherwise, you might end up in front of a judge for being a stalker.

However important the issue you want to discuss is (to you), wait for your ex to give you time to discuss it. Trying to force things will not make it easier for them to take you back.

4. Don't Give Up Too Easily

Don't expect that you can send a single text expressing your intention to get your ex back and it goes your way. Try a little harder.


Many give up when they were just about to win back their exes. So, keep trying. After all, if you have decided that getting back with your ex was worth it, then you should make a little more effort.

Trying to get back with your ex can be daunting and overwhelming. There are many ways to make things worse given how emotional the process can get. But these handy tips can give you a better chance of success.