Top 3 Zodiac Signs Who Can’t Control Their Anger

Everyone gets angry, but these horoscope signs take it to the next level!

Being annoyed and irritated happens to all of us. Anger is simply another emotion which displays discontent.

Most of us can deal with these negative feelings without feeling overwhelmed unless we are one of the three chosen signs.

Meet the zodiac's masters of temper, and naturally, it all starts with the king of the jungle.

Childish Leos

top 3 zodiac signs who can't control their anger

Dominant, strong-willed, and powerful, Leos are loyal, ambitious, and not very good at controlling their anger.

Leos tend to act like children when they are filled with anger. Just like a naughty child, a Leo will throw tantrums until the dust settles.

Once they get the frustrations out of their system, they'll be back to being proud and loving as usual. And if you don't want to see them angry again, give them attention.

Treat your Leo friend or lover as a toddler, once they are in their rage mode.

Stubborn Aries

top 3 zodiac signs who can't control their anger

The easily irritated Aries is not afraid to show its horns.

Aries are stubborn, so if they are already in a bad place, they'll look for further confrontations.

The great thing about Aries is their honesty and ability to admit that they don't need a reason to get angry. They also calm down quickly, so the only thing necessary is not to get caught up in their share of overdramatic expressions of emotions.

Not so forgiving Sagittarius

top 3 zodiac signs who can't control their anger

Don't push a Sagittarius to their limits, because if they feel offended, they'll show you an explosion of rage.

Don't bother trying to confront Sagittarius about their behavior; they will deny it. Sagittarius doesn't calm down as quickly as Leos or Aries, probably because they always think they are right.

Creative and free-spirited, Sagittarius are great friends until they aren't. Once you cross them, or they feel like you did, getting back to their good graces is a bit more complicated than with other signs.

Though explosive and prompt to angry outbursts, all three signs have amazing favorable treats. That's why people are drawn to them.

And if in any case, you do feel threatened, it's not up to horoscope.

Walk away from anyone who makes you feel like crap. Zodiac can only go as far as showing some common characteristics. It's not responsible for individuals and their lack of basic decency and anger management.