Top 10 Worst Execution Methods In Human History

Top 10 Worst Execution Methods In Human History

The execution method is an almost eradicated form of sanctioning severe criminals, especially in Western civilization. However, some countries still use the death penalty, like parts of the USA, parts of the Arab world, and Asia and Africa.

Electricity or automatic rifles were invented much later than in Ancient times and the Middle Ages. However, they were very creative in their execution methods and not gentler. In modern times, most execution methods are done using an electric shock.

Worst Execution Method No. 1: Execution By Elephant - Africa And Asia - From Antiquity To The 18th Century

These Are The 10 Worst Execution Methods In Human History!

Horses can be taught to run in a battle with blood and beatings everywhere but have difficulty trampling on people as horses mostly jump over humans. Unlike them, elephants are far more "cooperative."

Due to their receptivity to training, they were frequently used in military campaigns in ancient times. Hannibal used them when he crossed the Alps to attack the Roman Republic.

Thus, these incredible animals were taught to trample on heavy criminals and enemies. It should be noted that they did it with a trainer's command. This killing would take hours because the elephant gradually increased the pressure instead of suddenly crushing the helpless man underneath.

Worst Execution Method No. 2: Quartering - From England To China And North Africa - Middle Ages

These Are The 10 Worst Execution Methods In Human History!

The convict was tied to the device via ropes. They were then pulled by executioners or harnessed animals on four sides. This was done until the victim's strength was not enough to support the body as a whole. Another way involved cutting off limbs, such as the one suffered by William Wallace, a Scottish hero portrayed in Mel Gibson's Braveheart.

A well-known way of tearing to pieces was with the help of horses, usually two, which were tied to the front and rear limbs of the victim. The horses dragging on two opposite sides brought death. This approach was known to our ancestors in the Middle Ages and is mentioned in epic poetry.

Worst Execution Method No. 3: Pillaring - Europe, Asia - From Antiquity To The 20th Century

These Are The 10 Worst Execution Methods In Human History!

The impalement was first witnessed in Hammurabi's Code, 3,800 years ago. This punishment was envisaged for a woman who killed her husband for another man. This type of killing was common in Ancient Rome.

In the 17th and 18th centuries, traitors of the state and collaborators of the enemy, from Sweden to Turkey, were punished in this way.

Vlad III or Dracula is the most famous user of the impalement worst execution method, punishing everyone in this way. From the German miners of the Saxons, through the Hungarians, beggars, and thieves, unsuitable boyars (military leaders and great nobles), to the Turks who were terrified by his method of punishment.

He once cut down an entire forest to punish the captured Turks by impalement. He lined them up along the Danube, which disgusted Sultan Mehmed II in 1462 when he set out on a punitive campaign in Wallachia. Mehmed turned and returned to Constantinople.

Worst execution method No. 4: Boiling - Mongolia, Japan, Indian subcontinent, Europe - From the Middle Ages to the 20th century

These Are The 10 Worst Execution Methods In Human History!

Even if you think of African cannibals as your first thought, you will be wrong. Because the cannibals never did something like that, and, even if they did, the purpose was not the death penalty but – consuming the victim.

One of the worst execution methods, the hot liquid, is a thousand years old. In Asia, it was used by the Mongols when they punished the leader of the defeated clan. It was similar in samurai Japan in the 15th and 16th centuries.

The Sikhs, an ethnoreligious community in southwestern India, remember the suffering of their hero, Baiya Dayala. He was boiled in the 17th century by refusing to accept Islam.

In Europe, pouring hot water, tar, animal fat, or lead was intended for counterfeiters, tricksters, and fraudsters. Sometimes this horrible death was prepared for the perpetrators of aggravated murders. In England, hot liquid was introduced as a method of death for poisoners.

Worst Execution Method No. 5: Scaphism - Old Persia - Antiquity

These Are The 10 Worst Execution Methods In Human History!

The ancient Persians created extraordinary things like highways, postal service, chess, the guitar, algebra. But they also invented a rather terrible type of execution method.

One of the worst execution methods got its name from the Greeks, who were the first to document this horror. The name, therefore, comes from skafos (hollow made) because the convict was placed in a sandwich between two hollowed-out boats or trunks. They were tied together, leaving his arms, legs, and head outside.

Then honey or milk was poured into the cavity and on the eyes and in the armpits. Then the vessel was left to float in a pond or other calm water. From time to time, a new amount of these sweet foods was added, and the convict was forced to consume them – which led to diarrhea. When the malt started smelling, insects, bees, and other bugs would attack the person. After a while, gangrene would appear and kill the victim slowly—the cruelest method so far, with no hesitation.

Worst Execution Method No. 6: Crushing On A Wheel - Europe - From Late Antiquity To The 19th Century

These Are The 10 Worst Execution Methods In Human History!

One of the most famous victims of this worst execution method is Roman officer George. He refused to renounce Christianity. So, he was put on a wheel and killed, and time made him a legend - he became Saint George.

He was tied to a wheel whose hoop and bar wedges, hooks, and other metals that could injure a man were placed. This was followed by beatings on the limbs, which would lead to broken bones since there were no pads under them. The mutilation could last for days if the executioner was enduring the injury or didn't have internal bleeding.

Worst Execution Method No. 7: Brazen Bull- Ancient Greece And Ancient Rome - From The 6th Century B.C. Until The 5th Century AD

These Are The 10 Worst Execution Methods In Human History!

On Goli Otok, the prisoners were placed in bread ovens, which were then heated until the moment when the detainee would not confess. The guards did the whole process only out of curiosity in the past. However, Yugoslavia did not invent the mechanism.

Their oven is a distant imitation of the Phalaris bull, a device invented by Phalaris, the ruler of the ancient city of Akraganta, Sicily, by the Athenian Peril, in the 6th century BC.

The bull was made of bronze and with a hollow inside to insert a victim who was tortured by heating the body of the device. Most of those thrown in were boiled to death, and few received mercy. The bull was also used in the Roman Empire, persecuting Jews and later Christians. Saints Eustatius and Pelagius of Tarra suffered in this way.

Worst Execution Method No. 8: Live Burial: Europe, Asia - From Antiquity To The 18th Century

Top 10 Worst Execution Methods In Human History

Although this method is not the most painful, it is considered one of the scariest ways to lose your life. Historical data indicate that it was very popular in ancient times. This is supported by the fact that in the 2nd century BC, 400,000 people were buried alive in the territory of today's China - on one occasion!

Such burials were also popular among the Romans, who punished their enemies in this way and executed the Vestal virgins, who vowed celibacy. The Romans believed that the goddess Vesta would save her if a buried woman was innocent.

However, this worst execution method is not reserved only for the time before Christ. It is known that it was used by the Nazis, the Khmer Rouge, and others.

Worst Execution Method No. 9: Cannon Blasting: European Colonizing Nations, Most Often The British, 16th To 18th Century

These Are The 10 Worst Execution Methods In Human History!

The cannon proved to be a handy invention in numerous wars. However, little is known that it sometimes served as a weapon for the execution of convicts.

This unusual method was performed in the following way: the victim was tied to a cannon so that the barrel was pressed against their upper back, and then the cannon fired. A quick death would occur.

Worst Execution Method No. 10: Iron Maiden - German Lands And Spain - 18th Century

These Are The 10 Worst Execution Methods In Human History!

In the end, we left a wicked device after which the band Iron Maiden took its name.

Although we would expect this worst execution method to be part of the Middle Ages, it is not. The device for torture and execution was first witnessed in the history of 1793. However, some claim that it is older and was first used in 1515 to punish a forger of counterfeit money.

The essence of the mechanism is the following: a man (or woman) is placed in a metal box that has the shape of a human body. Then the maiden would be locked, and wedges and spikes, already installed on the inner layer of the device, would be slowly pressed inside. The victim would slowly bleed and, in the end, either admit what was demanded of them or succumb to injuries.