Top 10 Horror Anime You Need To Watch

Top 10 Horror Anime You Need To Watch

The spooky and eerie anime horror world has never been creepier, thanks to these top-rated horror anime titles.

Be warned: you will be scared stiff and spooked in your seat as you watch one terrifying scene after another.

These entries will give you a fair share of body and psychological horror, and some sudden heart-stopping jump scares.

So, hold on to your hats, this will be a scary ride. Prepare to get haunted.

1. Shiki

top 10 horror anime you need to watch

The 2010 anime horror show is an adaptation of a manga horror novel. Set in a village that finds itself merged in a serious epidemic, the show explores the unnatural deaths that are happening in the area.

Two brave souls rise to unravel the frightening mystery plaguing the village, a daring adventure that takes us through a frightful journey of romance and heroism.

No weird superpowers to see here, and as you watch it, you will have plenty of time to ponder the ethical dilemmas the main cast face as they deal with the deathly menace giving the residents sleepless nights.

2. Memories

top 10 horror anime you need to watch

This horror anime offers psychological thrills and a healthy dose of drama. This is actually an anthology of three short films–Magnetic Rose, Stink Bomb, and Cannon Fodder.

The films tell of seemingly unrelated incidents, with Magnetic Rose clearly standing out, although all the three films feature harsh horrifying scenes sure to impress even the most hardened anime horror fans.

3. Paprika

top 10 horror anime you need to watch

In this fantasy horror film, scientists have come up with a device that allows people to access their dreams and record them. As you might have expected, things go south pretty fast.

Everything gets out of hand in the most horrifying of ways. The world is now at the threat of collapse after a prototype that allows people's minds to get hacked goes missing.

4. Perfect Blue

top 10 horror anime you need to watch

The film comprises drama, horror, dementia, and psychological thriller. The production centers on a member of an idol group. She pursues a solo career and gets into acting, but her decision is complicated by compromising photos, a creepy stalker, and mysterious murders.

Then the psychological thriller really takes off.

Things get really violent. So, you better make sure you don't have kids around you as you watch Perfect Blue. As a matter of fact, anyone who doesn't have the heart to sit through gruesome horror scenes better walk away before the intro is over.

5. Mononoke

top 10 horror anime you need to watch

In this horror production, you will get a mix of mystery, horror, fantasy, and history. This is a spin-off of a horror anthology, and it is not to be confused with a movie by the same name.

A medicine seller goes to Japan in search of an evil spirit by the name of Mononoke to slay it. That, as you might guess, is a perilous endeavor. The horror-filled journey might make this an unforgettable series for you.

6. From The New World

top 10 horror anime you need to watch

This is a Sci-Fi, mystery, drama, and supernatural thriller featuring a character living in an isolated village under the control of psychic powers. She gets her powers and joins an academy to refine her skills. In this show, key characters die off and serious imagery and horrifying nightmares happen, making it a must-watch for genuine horror fans.

7. When They Cry

top 10 horror anime you need to watch

The key character moves to a province where he meets many girls and befriends them. But in this village, every four years a murder happens.

Tension builds and attempts to unravel the mystery reveals that the culprit is uncomfortably close to the protagonist. This murder mystery series holds nothing back, and the faint-hearted better not sit down for this one. It gets ruthless, dirty, and heinous.

8. Parasyte

top 10 horror anime you need to watch

Full of creepy and thrilling action, Parasyte will freak you out and haunt you hours after watching it. The body horror features parasites that infect humans that turn them into creepy and scary monsters with a taste for fellow humans. You cannot miss this one, it's as crazy as it's brilliant.

9. The Promised Neverland

top 10 horror anime you need to watch

A cursory look at this place makes it seem like a paradise on earth. Children are happily living with their mom, and nothing can possibly go wrong. Until it does.

There is something sinister happening in the orphanage, and the kids have to work to get away from the horrors that lurk in their seemingly perfect home. The series is grippingly suspenseful, and it will keep you on edge and wondering what will happen next.

10. Monster

top 10 horror anime you need to watch

This mystery thriller starts with a surgeon's decision to defy protocol and operate on a boy on the verge of losing his life. The boy makes it and walks.

But when they meet years later, the boy has turned into a murderer, a reality that makes the doctor incredibly guilty of his decision to save the man's life years earlier.

The show does not have monsters, vampires, or other scary make-believe creatures that typically make horror films so creepy, but it's scary because it shows the depths of human depravity and their potential for heartless cruelty.

So, there you have it. With these horror anime titles, you will finally get a blood-chilling horror experience, unlike anything you have ever imagined.