Tongue Out Emoji Meaning From A Guy (15 Things It Means)

So, you're communicating via text with someone you're quite fond of and everything seems to be going well, but then suddenly he sends you a tongue-out emoji...what could it signify?

Explore the possibilities with these 15 interpretations of what it might mean when a man sends you the tongue-out emoticon.


From harboring an attraction for you and expressing a desire to kiss you, to simply finding your last message amusing, there are numerous reasons a man may send you a tongue-out emoji.

Here are some of the more notable meanings behind a tongue-out emoticon from a man:

1. He Likes You

There is an array of tongue-out emojis available, including ones with winking, smiling, and smirk expressions.

However, no matter which one is chosen, the most probable interpretation of any tongue-out emoticon from a guy is that he is interested in you.

This meaning is quite straightforward and unambiguous.

2. He Is Amused

The second most likely explanation, according to our understanding, for a tongue-out emoji from a man is that he finds something you've said or done amusing.

The protruding tongue could indicate his reaction to your last jest, an event that occurred earlier, or a completely unexpected situation (which he may be about to share with you).

3. He Wants To Lick You

Occasionally, the type of tongue-sticking a man wants to do has nothing to do with digital symbols or messaging. If you're unsure what that means, consider inquiring about his plans for that protruding tongue the next time you talk.

If he is expressing a desire to kiss you, it could provide him the confidence he needs to express his feelings and intentions towards you.

4. He Wants To Make You Smile

Linguistic symbols from men may also stem from a desire to bring a grin to your face.

If his intention is to induce a smile from you, it is probable that the tongue symbol will be accompanied by other pictograms such as the heart, lip marks and a winking face.

5. He's Happy

When a man is feeling particularly jovial, he may have an impulse to send playful pictograms to your messaging platform, just for the fun of it.

It wouldn't be unusual if the tongue symbol is followed by a smoochy face, a bride symbol, and a flushed face.

6. He Wants To Cheer You Up

Similarly, when a man wants to lift your spirits after a challenging day or experience, he may send you multiple tongue symbols.

This kind of tongue symbol is usually accompanied by other emoticons such as an embrace face, happy face, or angelic face from the man as well.

7. It's A Sexual Innuendo

At times, a protruding tongue symbol is nothing more than a straightforward sexual implication.

The extent of your familiarity with the man sending you a tongue symbol with this specific connotation helps decide how significant it is.

He may be simply playing with you, but, he may also be gauging your response.

8. He Thinks You're A Fun Person

When a man perceives a woman to be a playful person, the tongue symbol is likely to be frequently used in the messaging history with her.

The reason why men associate the sticking out tongue symbol with lively women is uncertain, but it could possibly be associated with their fantasy of what they would like to do with their tongue or what they would like the woman to do with hers.

9. He's Just Joking Around With You

Men often use the tongue symbol as a way to make jokes, especially those who tend to be carefree and relaxed in their approach to things.

Additionally, they are known to use the sticking out tongue symbol quite liberally!

Even though, even serious men may send a tongue symbol right after sending a joke to you through a text message.

10. It's His Relieved Face

When a man feels a deep sense of relief, he may send you a tongue symbol as an indication of his relief.

The deeper meaning behind the symbol varies between him, you, and the meaning of symbols.

11. He Thinks The Conversation Is Funny

Occasionally the person you are communicating with finds the topic of your conversation amusing. It's not necessarily about you or your perspective, but rather the subject matter itself.

If this is the case, it is typical for the person to respond with a sticking out tongue, sunglasses, crying, or an angelic symbol.

12. Tongue Out Emojis Have A Deeper Meaning To Him

Humans are complex and emotional beings and this could be the case for your significant other who is sending you tongue symbols.

If this is true, it is likely that his emoticons have a deeper significance than those sent by most men.

13. It Is One Of The Main Emojis Guys Use

It may seem like an excuse, but it is the reality; some men send the tongue symbol frequently just because they can and it's what they do.

Leaving the jokes aside, have you ever observed how men use the sticking out tongue symbol more frequently than women do?

14. He's Copying You

If you happen to be the one who sends him the sticking out tongue symbol first, there is a high probability that he is simply mimicking your behavior by sending it back.

Wait for a few days and observe if he continues to use the tongue symbol or not, then evaluate its meaning (when you are certain he is not copying you).

15. He Knows It Puts A Cheesy Grin On Your Face

When a guy knows that sending a tongue symbol will bring a silly smile on your face, and he enjoys seeing you happy, it's obvious what will end up in your inbox.

Yes, you guessed it, ladies and gentlemen; sticking out tongue symbols!


There is no definitive way to react to a sticking out tongue symbol from a guy.

However, some usual ways are:

1. Send him a hugging face emoticon with your next message

2. Include a kissy face or kiss mark emoticon in your response

3. Reply with the same symbol but flipped upside down

4. Answer with a smirk face or squinting face emoticon

5. Ask him the meaning behind the symbol

6. Question him on what he desires to do with his tongue.


What Does A Tongue Out Smiling Emoji From A Guy Mean?

The emoticon displaying a protruding tongue and a grin from a male individual usually indicates that he finds what you have communicated to him or displayed to him entertaining, he is expressing romantic interest in you, or he is attempting to uplift your mood.

What Does A Winky Tongue Out Emoji Mean From A Guy?

The receipt of a winking emoticon with a sticking out tongue from a man commonly signifies a certain level of flirtatious emotion towards you. If he is not being overtly flirtatious, he may simply be trying to lighten the mood/cheer you up, and/or make you laugh.

What Does A Smiling With Eyes Closed And Tongue Out Emoji From Guys Mean?

When a man sends an emoticon of a smiling face with a sticking out tongue and closed eyes, it often indicates that he is either sharing a good-natured laugh with you or teasing you. In any case, it is a clear indication that he is engaging in playful banter with you.