Tommy Lee Shocks And Horrifies Fans By Posting Full-On D**K Pic To Instagram

Tommy Lee left his admirers and supporters in disbelief when he shared a complete d**k photograph on his Instagram profile. It was not simply a shirtless snapshot with a hint of what lies beneath; the Mötley Crüe performer bared everything, and I do indeed mean everything. Isn't that a violation of the terms of service?

1. Maybe He Just Wanted A Bit Of Attention

In the picture, Tommy Lee seemed to be seated on the edge of a jacuzzi with no clothing. He added a caption to the shot: "Ooooopppsss."


The reason behind his decision to post such an image remains unclear; however, it is worth noting that he has never been bashful about such matters in the past.

2. Needless To Say, His Fans Were A Bit Shocked

"Aren't you 59? This is just creepy," a follower wrote.

"Think about how many children follow you," a second pointed out while a third thought: "I need eye bleach help me."


3. People Have Been Talking About Tommy Lee's Penis For A While Now

Recently, a prosthetic phallus worn by actor Sebastian Stan in the Disney+ series Pam & Tommy also garnered a lot of attention. In episode two of the show, there's a scene in which Stan, portraying Lee, is shown conversing with his penis, cautioning it against falling for Pamela Anderson too quickly. To describe the sequence as bizarre would be an understatement.


4. So Far, There Has Been No Comment From Lee's Reps About This Stunt

The aforementioned picture has been removed.