Tom Hardy In His Pyjamas At Bedtime, Sighhhh.

Tom Hardy In His Pyjamas At Bedtime, Sighhhh.

Across the UK it is fast approaching 6.45 pm.

Dinner has been eaten, baths have been had, pj's are on. The little angels of the house are either sleepy and relaxed (yeah ok we can dream) or they are bouncing up and down on the sofa shouting "storytime, storytime."

The TV goes on.


"Hello," says the actor, "I'm Tom."

Hell yeah! It's Tom Hardy who comes to save the last part of the day. His calm, soothing voice and awesome style of pajamas.

Parents across the land look up and say, "Thank you CBeebies for storytime."

A-listers have been hitting up the BBC asking, yes that's right asking to read a bedtime story.


Stars such as Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill, Josh Homme, Dolly Parton, Elton John, Tim Peake, Eddie Redmayne, Emily Watson, Ewan McGregor, Orlando Bloom, and Nadiya Hussain has been some of the readers who put their unique style to bedtime stories.

The 'Tom Hardy effect'

Before Tom even got involved there were some pretty strong actors reading the stories, such as David Hasselhoff, Sir Patrick Stewart, David Tennant, and Rosamund Pike.


Tom actually asked the BBC if he could appear, it was something he wanted to do for his children, Christmas Eve 2016 was his first appearance.

Tom has been back four times since then, (much to the excitement of many mothers). He appeared on Mother's Day and Valentine's Day which pulled in an audience of nearly 600,000.

The BBC has said that; "It's wonderful to be able to please two - or more - generations in one viewing."

"The children are soothed by a story that marks the end of their day and the grown-ups are wowed and amazed at seeing their favorite celebrity or hero doing something so unlikely."


The BBC does ensure there is a strong mix of male and female role models, and they have said they will always be grateful for "the Tom Hardy effect" and they love the comments "that come flooding in" each time a new celeb is announced.

How do they choose who reads what?

The producers have the final say, but they tend to go with the star's choice of family favorites, as that ensures the story is read from the heart.

A great example of this is Tom's an avid dog lover, so three out of the five stories he has read have been about dogs. Tom's dog Woody was included in these shows.