Tom Brady Strips Down To Underwear Following Retirement Announcement

Tom Brady, who recently became single, posted a revealing photo of himself in his underwear on Instagram on Monday. This came just a week after his ex-wife, Gisele B√ľndchen, posed in a swimsuit for a beach photoshoot.

Tom, 45, followed in the footsteps of his ex-wife by posting a nearly-naked image of himself promoting his underwear line on both his Instagram Stories and Twitter account.

Tom Brady, who recently retired from the NFL, displayed his toned abs by wearing only a pair of brown, form-fitting underwear in the photo.

In the photo, Tom Brady sat on the edge of a rumpled bed with his legs spread towards the camera, covering his genitalia with his hand.

The attention-grabbing photo is a departure from Tom's usual posts and quickly generated buzz on social media.

The photo elicited surprise from many on the internet, with some calling it a "thirst trap" and others making jokes about his behavior since retiring from football.

"Tom's been retired one week and already starting an [OnlyFans]," wrote one Twitter user.

"A+ thirst trap from Tom," someone commented. Another asked, "You launching the OnlyFans next?"

"Dude, people's wives and girlfriends are on this app," read a fourth tweet.

"If this is what retirement gonna make us have to endure from you then I expect to see you at training camp," a different person wrote.

Another wrote: "Bro retired and is gonna go rogue now."

Tom shared the photo as part of a promotion for his clothing company, Brady Brand, which sells shirts, pants, and underwear.

In June 2022, Tom tweeted that if his post received at least 40,000 likes, he would recreate an advertisement for a set of boxer-briefs for his clothing company, Brady Brand.

When reminded of his promise on February 6, Tom followed through and posted the provocative photo in response.

Tom captioned the photo "Did I do it right?" and tagged fellow football players Julian Edelman and Rob Gronkowski, who have recently modeled in their underwear as well.

"Deal's a deal," he added.

This post follows recent reports that Tom, who announced his divorce from Gisele, 42, after 13 years of marriage in October, has no plans to date following the split.

Sources informed TMZ last week that Tom, a native of California, is focusing on being a father to his three children, John (15), Benjamin (13), and Vivian (10), rather than dating.

According to the outlet, Tom is not considering a new career in sportscasting, despite rumors of a potential multi-million dollar deal with Fox Sports.

Sources stated that Tom will still focus on his side projects, such as Brady Brand and his training program, TB12.

The photo was also posted shortly after Tom was observed shouting on the phone during his daughter's horseback riding lesson.

The quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Tom, was observed to be irate as he shouted into his headphones during an animated phone conversation.

He made angry gestures while unleashing his tirade on the person on the other end of the line and even spit out of anger at one point.

The reason for Tom's strong emotions is unknown, but he appeared to have regained his composure by the end of the lesson.

Previously, he announced plans to retire from the game but later decided to play another season for the team. Currently, he has confirmed that he is retiring from the sport permanently.

After announcing his retirement, he posted several nostalgic photos on Instagram showcasing his time in the NFL, including two photos featuring his ex-wife Gisele, potentially indicating a positive relationship with her.

Gisele also expressed well wishes for Tom on social media, wishing him happiness in his post-football life.

Gisele has been flaunting her figure in recent weeks, including a photoshoot on the beach in a pink swimsuit on January 31 and a purple bathing suit a few days before that.

Gisele has also been flaunting her figure lately. On January 31, she was spotted in a pink swimsuit during a steamy beach photoshoot, and a few days earlier, she donned a playful purple swimwear. In November, rumors emerged about her dating Brazilian jiu-jitsu instructor Joaquim Valente after they were seen having a dinner date in Costa Rica, however, a source close to the fashion icon told DailyMail.com that they are just friends.