Today's Challenge: This Sly Riddle Has People Confused

Today's Challenge: This Sly Riddle Has People Confused

You should work on your brain just as hard as on the rest of your body. Here is a riddle to help you achieve just that.

Eating healthy and spending time outdoors working out is great, but we should not forget our minds.

This riddle should be an excellent workout for your mind.

A Riddle A Day Is Healthy For You

Today's Challenge: This Sly Riddle Has People Confused

Maybe this is not entirely the case, but a good riddle isn't a bad idea at all. Some think riddles are somewhat juvenile, but they have been with us for ages.

According to experts, the oldest riddle is from 1650 BC, more than 3,000 years ago. The legendary riddle is a very tricky mathematical problem.

Fortunately, today's riddle is easy and won't be as complicated as that ancient one.

So, be ready to give your brain a fun workout.

Here's the riddle. Try to solve it in less than 30 seconds.

If you can solve it within half a minute, you should be pretty proud of yourself. According to reports, just 2% of those who try it get it right.

Let's find out if you are among these sharp-witted folks.

As you can see, the riddle says:

"If Linda's daughter is my daughter's mother, how am I related to Linda?"

This riddle requires you to have a basic understanding of familial relations. The trick is to find who is related to who and how.

Have you come up with an answer within those 30 seconds? Best of luck!

As the riddle says, you should determine how you are related to Linda. Keep reading if you are ready to find out if you are right.

The Answer

The time you had to solve the riddle should be over by now. Do you think you got the correct answer?

Compare what you had with the correct answer below.

If you concluded that you were Linda's son-in-law, then you were right.

In case you got something different and have no idea how we got to the above solution, here is an explanation:

If Linda's daughter is the mother of your child, then Linda's daughter would have to be your wife. Since your wife is Linda's daughter, she must be your mother-in-law.

Therefore, you are Linda's son-in-law.

As you can see, this is a very simple riddle. The trick lies in solving each part of the riddle at a time; after that, the answer should be pretty obvious.

So, did you get the riddle right? Even if you didn't, I bet it was fun to solve. Best of all, you gave your brain a fun workout.