To The Strongest Souls Who Suffer Silently

To The Strongest Souls Who Suffer Silently

The strongest souls are the resilient ones, the ones who, despite suffering and intense pain, have stood firm without giving up.

The strongest souls are the ones who have wallowed in self-pity and deep fear but have been able to overcome them.

The strongest souls are the ones constantly deprived of reasons to live but keep seeking just one. They have faced numerous challenges but have bravely fought through them.

The strongest souls make their wounds into scars, seeing these scars as trophies of successful battles, a constant reminder that they succeeded and will keep succeeding.

The strongest souls have a smile on their faces even in the midst of adversity. They endure hardships with a positive attitude. Though they have their problems hidden deep within, they strive to help others. They often silently fight their fears, worries, and pain just so that no one worries about them.

The strongest souls have a mountain of responsibilities to care for. They struggle to meet up and even when no one cares enough to ask how they are coping, they bravely bear the burden.

They are the strongest souls as long as they don't break. If being strong becomes too much to be, these fall the hardest without a true friend to share their burdens with. Without a concerted effort to check up on them, without a thoughtful act of kindness, without someone to help sort their thoughts or with whom to share their pain, they waste away gradually until they fade away completely.

Light at the end of the dark tunnel

To the strongest souls who suffer silently, know that suffering in silence for a long period of time only destroys you from the inside out. Speaking out is not a sign of weakness.
It is true that great things never come from comfort zones and that out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls. But, such suffering can only be beneficial if it is reasonably short-term.
When you start feeling smothered by your problems and concerns, talk to someone.

Suicide is not an option!

Suicide is often considered as the only way out of a seemingly hopeless situation but is it really? Some of you sure have held on for so long without any ray of hope. A seemingly insignificant single situation could truly make the strongest soul exceed his elastic limit to his breaking point. At that breaking point, he can't find a single reason to hold on. The hope that kept you alive is lost and you seek an out. To the strongest souls out there, you don't have to suffer in silence. You don't have to fight your battles alone.
Suffering is a part of the world we live in and of the life we live, but we can gather strength from our distresses because, in our weakness, we are made strong.

The Collateral Beauty

Always notice the collateral beauty. When in difficulties, try to count your blessings; find things to be thankful for. Look for that one good lesson you'll never have learned, that one good quality you would never have cultivated. Or that one good person you would never have met if you had not been in that situation. There is always a collateral beauty, the good amidst the bad as a result of the bad.

Suffering is not a destination. It is simply a part of our journey that teaches us useful lessons to help us experience the highs and lows of life. Do not let it break you. Let it make you. Learn from it, but when it becomes unbearable, do not hesitate to open up. Do not be controlled by your problems. Take charge by taking it one day at a time. Leave tomorrow until tomorrow. Remember, you rain the strongest souls when you do not give up.