To The Single Mothers

You probably don’t hear this often, maybe only once a year on Mother’s day, but you deserve to hear it every day. I see how hard you struggle, and it is greatly appreciated.

You may not have chosen to be a single mother, but you handle it as if it is what’s meant to be. Every day you wake up and smile at your children, swallowing all of your stress and fears so they can not see. The struggles that you face daily like getting children dressed, making sure they get the proper education, proper meals, and still having to go to work and provide a roof over their heads, is almost impossible for only one person to handle! You are a taxi, a referee, a teacher, and a provider, all on your own. You put your kids before any need of your own. Buying clothes or anything new for yourself? Forget it! You have to scrape your last pennies together not for you but for your kid’s wants and needs. Seeing a smile on their face makes your day. No matter how frustrating your children make you, you love them unconditionally and never leave their side. ― It’s appreciated.

No one expects to raise children alone. I know you didn’t expect to have to figure out life for not only yourself but for children also, alone. Yet you do it, and you may feel sad and down about it, but you suck it up and face things as they come, for your kid’s sake ― That’s appreciated.

I know your job is the hardest in the world. It is a job intended for two, but you do it solely, like a champion; and with little to no credit.

You feel fear that you might mess up, fear that you might be a bad mother, fear that you might not be a good enough influence. You fill both the mother and father role for your children, and you fear you can not match up to what two parents can do alone. Well, I’m here to tell you that you’re doing an amazing job. No mother or father is perfect, and no one can raise the perfect child. You show your children every day what strength is. You show them that if they ever have to, like you, they can be strong enough to face this life alone.

You are independent in every form, your job is endless and you, a superwoman, take care of business. You are the one to stay up all night with the meds and puke bucket ready when your child is sick. You are the one who plans the birthdays and the get-togethers. You are Santa Clause and the Easter bunny, all on your own. You are the absolute proof that women are a remarkable creature and that when faced with the hardest struggles in the world, you will overcome.

Single mothers, this is for you. I don’t think that you are given enough credit for the struggles you face in this life, so I wanted to let you know that I see how strong you are, and I see that even when you begin to bend under the pressure in your life, you refuse to break. You are phenomenal, and you are appreciated.