Man Lists 6 Stages Italy Has Gone Through

man lists 6 stages italy has gone through

Jason Yanowitz listed six stages Italy experienced during the first wave of the Covid-19 outbreak. His Twitter post got over 228k likes and was retweeted more than 133.8k times.

Yanowitz, who lives in NYC, was frustrated with the US since Americans took the pandemic so lightly. He turned his frustration into inspiration and created a series of tweets with a call to action effect.

"to the rest of the world, you have no idea what's coming": man lists 6 stages italy has gone through

He stated:

"Storytelling drives action, and this story hits hard."

He also revealed that his friends in Italy are "terrified" and added:

"Testing everyone is the only way to stop coronavirus. This means 300M+ tests per day, which requires a significant paradigm shift in how we're currently doing it."

Though Yanowitz was referring to testing in the States, it should be noted that the same applies to all countries, now as it did when the novel virus first appeared.

The frontline workers remain focused and mission-driven

English speaking doctors in Italy have their platform called Doctors in Italy. The platform shares information and talks about handling the crisis.

A representative of Doctors in Italy spoke to Bored Panda:

"Doctors and nurses are very mission-driven and this helps them stay focused in times of great stress."

Apart from working with Covid-19 patients, the platform shares experiences when it comes to public mental health. Here's what they have to say:

"They have, for once, tremendous recognition from all the general population, who usually love to criticize. Now that they are under such pressure, everyone realizes how much we all depend on their care and work."

The representative continues explaining that the doctors and nurses are on a mission:

"They can nurture their hope and sense of mission, by focusing on the daily wins, even if small, and face this emergency one day at a time—though many have lost count of which day it is."

The medical staff is doing their best to calm the worries of the patients and their families:

"When your own health is involved, or when worried about loved ones, very little reassurance can come from numbers. Percentages won't help reassure anyone about their own chances."

Showing kindness can make a difference, as Doctors in Italy representative states:

"On the other hand, even little gestures of human compassion and care can make a great difference. Many are worried that hospitals will be overcrowded and they won't get enough attention, so letting them know that they are being considered helps a lot. Even simply saying that they care—and we know they do—goes a long way."

Six stages of Covid-19 outbreak in Italy

Yanowitz's list of tweets will give you chills since they sound like a prophecy. The ominous, dark reality that first attacked Italy, China, and Korea soon came for all of us.

Here's how one man's Twitter helped us understand the situation better before it even happened.

"to the rest of the world, you have no idea what's coming": man lists 6 stages italy has gone through

How it all started

The numbers are growing

Facing the new situation

Everything and everyone's isolated

"to the rest of the world, you have no idea what's coming": man lists 6 stages italy has gone through
"to the rest of the world, you have no idea what's coming": man lists 6 stages italy has gone through

Italy under quarantine

Like living in a war zone

Yano's final thoughts before the pandemic took over everyone's lives

Twitter users react to Yano's tweets

Yanowitz's tweets exploded. Most people were grateful for his effort. Of course, others didn't believe him or simply didn't want to face that this pandemic is real.

Not all countries faced the same destiny as Italy. But soon after Yano's tweets went viral, the US, UK, France, Brazil, Russia faced the same new normal. Our enemy is practically invisible, yet we have no other choice than to fight.

Here are some of the responses that represent the state of mind of the world before things went nuclear: