To The Guy Who Led Me On — Screw You

To be frank, I'm unsure what the purpose of our time together was, but I'm certain that you manipulated and deceived me. I believed that you cared for me and were sincere, but it appears that you were simply another dishonest individual that I would have been better off without. Although I'm glad that you're no longer a part of my life, I'll always remember the ways in which you misled me. You convinced me that our connection was genuine.


1. You talked about our future and gave me false hope

You mentioned all the plans we'd make together in the future, making me believe that there was a possibility of a long-term relationship. I can't say for certain if it was just your initial enthusiasm or if you were lying the whole time, but what I do know is that you made me feel foolish for trusting you.


2. You turned me and you into "we," and that made me feel at ease

You spoke about us in front of others, using terms like "us" and "we," which made me feel fantastic. However, you abruptly withdrew that level of comfort, making it seem like it meant nothing at all. It was painful.

3. You introduced me to important people in your life, and that meant a lot to me

I had the opportunity to meet your family and closest friends, which, in my culture, is a significant event. You also acknowledged its importance. I grew to know and appreciate the individuals who held a special place in your heart. They even welcomed me into their lives. That's why it was so devastating when you abruptly ended things without any warning.


4. You invited me into your world totally and completely

You didn't merely suggest a thought to me, but you created an entire scenario, a story that I couldn't wait to experience. You made me feel like I was your girlfriend, even though you never gave me the official title. I didn't believe it was necessary, as your behavior spoke volumes. Unfortunately, I was the foolish one who fell for your deceitful games.


5. I deserved better than you

It can take time for us to realize how poorly someone treated us until they've left our lives. For me, that was the case. Despite his claims of love, his reluctance to enter a relationship and the betrayal of speaking to other women revealed his true intentions. I now understand that he didn't deserve someone like me.


6. You're not as great as I thought you were

Individuals can be deceitful, and, regrettably, he had me fooled from the beginning. I suppose I desired to be with him so much that I disregarded the clear indications that he wasn't willing to commit. It was partly my responsibility to recognize him for who he was and not who I wanted him to be.


7. I didn't misread anything; you're just a jerk

Your lack of comprehension towards my confusion over your sudden departure left me even more puzzled. It was difficult to fathom how someone could mislead another to the extent that you did and not comprehend why it would be distressing. I had feelings for you, and I was genuinely invested. My feelings of hurt are legitimate, and I have the right to call you out for leading me on.


8. I'm not nuts for feeling the way I do

You attempted to paint my reaction as irrational and deny my right to be upset, which was utterly ridiculous. You provided me with every indication that it was okay to let my guard down and allow myself to fall for you. But, when I did, you let me crash to the ground, leaving me to pick up the pieces.


9. You fooled me once, but never again

If you deceive me once, it's your fault; if you deceive me twice, it's mine. However, I won't give you the chance to deceive me again as I'm not foolish enough to be taken in by your pretenses. Enjoy your life without me, but know that you've missed out on something truly special.

10. You were a waste of my energy, and I deserve better

I wish I could wipe you from my memory, not because we didn't share good times together (or so I believed), but because I regret the time I spent with you. You robbed me of precious time that I could have invested in someone who truly values and deserves me.


11. In hindsight, you actually did me a favor

Although you left me feeling let down, it's for the best that things ended the way they did. I wouldn't want to be with someone who lacks confidence and makes empty promises about a future they can't deliver. Maybe you were just living in a dream world, being overly optimistic, or using me as a pawn. Whatever the reason, it doesn't matter because, despite the time you wasted, you also liberated me to find someone who is sincere and genuine.


12. Thank you for showing your true colors

It was challenging to come to terms with the fact that someone I believed I knew intimately could cause me such pain. I felt as though I would never be able to trust anyone again. However, I don't regret having known him. He taught me the valuable lesson that my own happiness can only be reliant on myself, and that I should appreciate my self-worth by being with someone who genuinely desires a real relationship with me.