To The Girl Who Needs To Remember She’s More Than Enough

Why do you feel unworthy of love? One of the beautiful things you need to understand is that you’re more than good enough. There’s nothing wrong with your personality. Life may become tough but so are you. No matter how you doubt yourself.

You may be that type of girl who cares so much and would do everything for the ones she loves without expecting anything in return. You always overthink about everything that matters in your life.

You’re also a girl who worries too much about other people’s feelings while forgetting about your well-being. You love with your whole heart and can start a relationship without hesitation.

You’ve been heartbroken after falling in love with a man who didn’t give a damn about you. And now you wonder and question why all bad things happen to you yet you’re always kind to others.

I’m telling you this, you need to do away with the belief that there’s nothing that matters with you. Or that you’re unloveable. You need to erase the thoughts that you have flaws in your personality, and that no one will ever love you.

You don’t have any issues. You’re perfect, beautiful, and attractive. It wasn’t your fault that the guy you gave your heart didn’t notice the value of your love.

A foolish man who had your heart but tried to destroy it. He didn’t deserve the unique and unconditional love you gave him.

If he tries to make you feel like you aren’t good enough, he’s the one who isn’t worthy of you. You’re a one-of-a-kind girl and extraordinary.

The best decision is to leave and forget him. You don’t have to worry because there’s a man out there for you who will cherish you. You’ll meet a lover who knows how to treat a woman with love and respect.

I assure you that you deserve a lover who believes in you. A man who’s ready to love and treasure you, and will want to live with you happily ever after.

Your fairy tale will finally come true. You’ll get the love you’ve always craved for.

Don’t compare yourself to other girls. You were born unique, different, and as an individual. You aren’t like everyone else.

She may possess some qualities you wish you had, but you have qualities she doesn’t have. Just because you’re different doesn’t make you the lesser woman. So don’t compare yourself.

She may be taller or weigh less, but it doesn’t mean she’s better than you. Most likely, she has things she wished she could change about herself too.

Your imperfections and flaws are the things that make you unique. And someone will long to be with you because of them.

It’s time you stop feeling disgusted when you see yourself in the mirror. Start focusing on your perfections instead of noticing the things you don’t like about your body. Your weight, hair color, or height doesn’t make you unworthy of love.

What I know is that, for someone else to be able to love you, you first need to love and appreciate yourself. I promise there’ll be a man who’ll treasure the little things about you.

Whether it’s your love handles or your messy hair in the morning, he’ll cherish everything you thought was imperfect about you.

Your figure doesn’t define you. Whether skinner than most girls or more curvaceous, you’re beautiful and attractive.

Forget anyone who makes you less deserving of love, respect, loyalty, and trust. Love yourself first.

You’re strong, sarcastic, funny, and beautiful. Screw the haters and believe in yourself.