To The Girl Who Grew Up Without A Father: You Are Loved

Girls who grow up without a father understand how life can be. And if you’re one of them know that you’re born with the strength to overcome any challenge that might come your way. No matter how much it hurts, you’ll survive it.

Always remember that life will only send the things you can conquer. And everything that breaks you can rebuild and make you stronger. Thus, if your heart feels broken, you’re capable of fixing it. You’re not to blame for the absence of your father.

It’s not your fault you lead a fatherless life. Always remember that it doesn’t matter why he left or why he wasn’t there to raise you. You’re wanted and his decisions to leave you behind had nothing to do with you.

You’re destined for a better life. Although his absence affects you in ways you might not understand, know that you’re worthy of fighting for. Don’t stop fighting for yourself.

Every day when you wake up, remind yourself that you’re stronger than you may think. You’re worthy, beautiful, happy and loving. But don’t ignore your feelings.

Don’t ignore the pain in your heart and mind. Don’t try avoiding it, but be open with it. Be honest with yourself.

If you feel like grieving, cry out loud, scream, or write down your feelings and emotions. Do whatever you think can help you to heal, feel better and let go.

Don’t conceal your wounds. Forgive your father for leaving you without a father’s love. But don’t wait for his apology.

Transform your pain into strength. Let it inspire you but not defeat you. Don’t forget you’re strong.

Don’t compare yourself with the girls around you. You may realize that all of your friends have a loving father and start questioning yourself why you can’t have such love. Or what’s wrong with you that you don’t deserve a father. Stop doubting your worth.

Always know that when you compare yourself with others, you give away the magic and uniqueness that’s inside you. You’re the only one who can determine your worth. Thus, don’t spend time on questions that get you held in one place. Worries don’t help you grow.

It is only you who understands how it feels like to be raised without a father. And you’ve survived so far.

Don’t get scared of love. Don’t be afraid to care for and show empathy to others when needed. You shouldn’t excuse yourself for not being compassionate to people around you because of your pain.

You aren’t that frightened little girl anymore. Always keep that in mind.

Many people love you the way you’re without conditions, reservations, or boundaries. Everyone around you is ready to give you unconditional love and care. Don’t close off from other people.

Remember you’re lovable and worthy. You are always loved and valued, regardless of your parental situation. Know that it’s normal to still experience the pain of an absent father and feel angry, or conflicting emotions such as confusion, neediness, and anger.

You can survive this life on your own and you will. We’ll always be with you. You’re loved and enough the way you’re.